March 17, 2011

Awkward + Awesome Thursday #1

Today, I'm linking up with one of the best fashion bloggers around, Sydney from The Daybook. I'm envious of her wardrobe, her pictures and her all-around cuteness. She has a weekly feature called Awkward and Awesome Thursday. It's pretty self-explanatory. Here we go!

- When your coworker eats brussels sprouts and stinks up the office you share
- Accidentally putting your car into reverse instead of drive & almost backing into a parked car
- Standing next to a grown man in a store who reeks of BO
- Having to explain the word illegal to your 5-year-old

- Watching Peter Facinelli's movie, Accidentally in Love, starring his lovely wife Jennie Garth and loving it
- The hot mess that is The Celebrity Apprentice
- Google chatting with the bff all day, so I don't lose my mind at work
- Ordering one of Charlie Sheen's winning t-shirts


Beth said...

how much are those shirts? i kind of want one.

i tried to teach my 2 and a half year old "niece" to say Winning the other day...she wasn't having it.

Unknown said...

I. Must. Get. A. Tshirt!

True story, I went to Subway early Sunday morning (last week) and put the car in DRIVE instead of REVERSE and almost drove through the front door. D'OH!

stephanie said...

I LOVE this! I'm going to start partaking in it. Ew and brussel sprouts are the worst smelling- I know because tis preggo has been craving them. Weird, I know.

tara said...

Um. I REALLY need one of those shirts!

Unknown said...

Wow Charlie Sheen looks TERRIBLE. But I do love those shirts!

Mrs. M said...

I've been debating getting a shirt like that too.

These are fun, but I like the awesome one's waaaaay better than the awkward!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

While we don't agree on Charlie I will say I'm happy to see most of the promotional stuff he's doing for himself he's sending $$$ to Japan and areas in need and I think that rocks. He's not all bad I've just never been a fan of him. I hope he gets well soon!

I love the positive end to this it's awesome! Kudos for all the good in a day.

For me
1) having to look at the title of the blog to spell awkward correctly. 2) The outfit I'm wearing today, I wanted to wear green but save my cute green stuff to choose from for going out tonight so I have on an odd tshirt and scarf that i think looks strange.

It's St. Patrick's Day!!!
and I'm healthy so yay!

Macey said...

Awkward: when you're in the store and it stinks because someone clearly shit their pants and your 5 yo says, "WHO FARTED?!"

Anonymous said...


Karen M. Peterson said...

Awkward: Totally wanting that Charlie Sheen T-Shirt.

Awesome: This post.

TLF said...

I'd walk into Germantown Pkwy lunch hour traffic if I didn't have chat to keep me sane, I swear.
I can not wait to get our t-shirts. This is gonna be awesome!

jennykate77 said...

DUH, winning. I need one of those.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Oh Charlie...what happened to my guy from Lucas?

Talia said...

I was with you until the Charlie Sheen t-shirt...

silvergirl said...

Hey there
I found my way over here via Sydney's blog.
You blog is so fun!
Glad I stopped by and I will be back

Anonymous said...

I'm really jealous that you got the t-shirt!

Mrs. Match said...

haha, that shirt is awesome. I need to see that movie of Peter Facinelli's. I chat on gtalk all day too. Especially in these last two weeks of work. Without it I would literally go insane.