March 06, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice, 2011

I watch it every year.

rich people


celebrity drama

What's not to love?

cast - gary busey, jose canseco, david cassidy, hope dworaczyk, richard hatch,
latoya jackson, star jones, nene leakes, lil jon, marlee matlin, mark mcgrath,
meat loaf, john rich, lisa rinna, niki taylor, dionne warwick


Impulsive Addict said...

I watch it too but I can't STAND Trump. I still watch because has CELEBRITIES on it. I'm a little disappointed in the cast. The ONLY person I'm looking forward to seeing is that sexy Mark McGrath!

Richard Hatch is NOT a celebrity. That's a huge disappointment.

Macey said...

I HATE Donald Trump too. He acts like a goob...but I can't wait to see Busey (hello, train wreck!), McGrath (yum) and Star Jones! Star because I want someone to punch her in the neck!

Dana said...

I normally don't watch every episode of this, but with this cast there is bound to be some good drama!! And I love me some John Rich!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I too, am excited!

I know I don't drop by this may be a little late, but I'm lovin' the new blog look!

Anonymous said...

Hate it.

AMY said...

Sounds like a very interesting group to watch!

Love your new blog look.......Very Clean and Fresh! Great Job!

Karen M. Peterson said...

They really do bring together the most random cast on television.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I have never watched this but the fact that you have Gary Busey and Lil Jon in the same show really intrigues me... Let the crazy begin!

TLF said...

Never seen it..

A Real Housewife said...

i've never watched it, but as soon as i saw the list of this season's cast i put that sucker on my dvr. amazeballs. i will def continue to watch these loonies try and work together.