May 31, 2011

Jo Totes Camera Bag Review

I've been meaning to review my Jo Totes camera bag ever since I received it on my birthday. My bestie gave it to me. Yes, she's the best bestie ever. Ever since I started taking pictures on a regular basis, I've wanted a cute and fashionable bag to hold all of my camera equipment. I've tried several different brands, but most were practical and not fashionable. Obviously, the safety of my camera is most important, but there's nothing wrong with not wanting to carry around an ugly bag. This is where Jo Totes comes in. I've envied their bags for quite some time. Terri knew this. We'd even discussed what color to get if we ever got one. My birthday came around and... voila!

I love this bag for multiple reasons.

1. It's super cute.
My Rose bag is pewter. I love the color because it goes with most anything.
Most of all, I love that it doesn't look like a camera bag. It looks like a purse!

2. It's large.
Even though I don't usually take all of my equipment with me at one time, it all fits. I can fit my Nikon D90 body, 4 lenses, external flash, extra battery, battery charger, and Lightscoop in there. I currently use my Rose tote as a camera bag slash purse slash diaper bag. I put my camera, two lenses, keys, wallet, phone, a couple diapers, and some wipes in there. They each have their own compartment. The bag comes with handles and a shoulder strap so it's easy to lug around, even at its heaviest.

3. It comes with 5 adjustable pads.
You can arrange the velcro pads on the inside of your bag to fit your equipment needs.

4. It's priced right.
This bag isn't exactly cheap at $89, but it's worth every penny. It's sturdy and made well. I can see this bag lasting for years and years. Besides, $89 doesn't seem like a lot when I have a little over $2000 worth of equipment inside.

This review is not sponsored by Jo Totes.
I just really love my bag. And, my best friend is pretty fabulous too!


Christina said...

Cute! I'd use it as a purse!

Unknown said...

Oooo... ahhhh.... That's one seriously cute camera bag! I've been oogling the Lightscoop for a while now. It seems like such a simple fix for the built-in flash!

Clare and Gary said... doesn't even look like it's made for a camera~

Macey said...

I have seen those bags and they're SO cute!
Hahaha at your boobs.

Kim said...

I love my Jo Totes bag! I have the Rose in Marigold.

TLF said...

Glad you love!! I'm supa find of mine too!

Sherry said...

Wow great bag! Does not even look like a camera bag! Finally someone caught on and realized the necessity there!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog - I appreciate it so much!! :)

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm in love with that purse! Love the color too!

Plumbing said...

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