May 01, 2011

The Royal Wedding
The Kids & The Kiss(es)

1. The mini bridesmaids and page boys were too cute.

2. We were treated to not one, but two royal kisses. History, baby!

3. William's 3-year-old goddaughter, Grace van Cutsem, covered her ears when the planes flew over.
She'll never be able to live this down. Ha!

images from People & InStyle


Heather Reese said...

That poor little girl.....HAHAHA!

Karen Peterson said...

Those kids were too cute for words. I thought Harry was adorable with them in the carriage after the ceremony.

The kisses were sweet. Those two really are in love.

Anonymous said...

The kids were too cute and the little girl covering her ears picture is priceless. Poor thing. :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

They are so cute!!
You need to find some recent pics of them and do a 'Since the wedding' post.