June 06, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion
The Ladies

Amber Lancaster & Leighton Meester

Katie Cassidy & Alyson Michalka

Emma Watson & Selena Gomez

Chelsea Handler & Elizabeth Reaser

Nikki Reed & Crystal Reed

Emma Stone & Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Szohr & Hailee Steinfeld

Chelsea Kane & Bryce Dallas Howard

Kristen Stewart & Nina Dobrev

Rosie Huntington-Whitely & Brooklyn Decker

Leighton is so pretty, but I've never been a fan of her dress choices.
Katie & Alyson seem a bit overdressed for MTV.
Emma & Selena look great.
Nikki is gorgeous, but the dress is odd. Should I even call it a dress?
Crystal, why the blue shoes?
I love Emma's dress and clutch, but don't really care for the shoes.
Reese's dress is nothing special, but it looked great on her.
Jessica is wearing a black and white paisley pantsuit that needs to be hemmed. Not cute at all.
Hailee, however, is rocking her pantsuit.
Finally, someone wore a great maternity dress. Bryce looks fantastic!
Even though Kristen's dress was covered in safety pins, she looked great.
I hate that she changed into sneakers for the actual show though. Ew.
Brooklyn Decker has to be pregnant. Why else would she wear that?


Heather said...

Great recap! I also loved Mila's skirt!

Anonymous said...

I love that I can miss the award shows and still catch all the fashion with your recaps!

Mommy Lisa said...

Love Selena, but think her hair looks weird. Kristen looks drugged.

Christina said...

I liked Amber Lancaster’s dress. But who is she? You’re right, Leighton can’t dress! Both Emmas looked perfect. I love them so much. Chelsea Handler looked good too. I did not like Nikki, Crystal, Reese or Jessica. Kristen needed to brush her hair! As usual. Brooklyn has not been looking great lately.

MiMi said...

Kristen. **sighs** she confuses me.
Um...do you remember who's playing Katniss?? It's not Hailee is it?

tara said...

Ew. Jessica Szohr. EW!

Anonymous said...

I sorta wanna feed Kristen...don't you?

silvergirl said...

I am freakin old
never heard of half of these chicks

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Amber- yes
Leighton- yes {you already know I love that print stuff!}
Katie- no
Alyson- she looked fantastic!
Emma- WOW!
Selena- Love her!! She's always cute!
Chelsea- a mess, like always! Does she own a hairbrush??
Elizabeth- I'd like it more w/ a tan.
Nikki- no dress, yes hair.
Crystal- THE SHOES!!
Emma S- Yes!!
Reese- not a fan of the top shape of the dress OR her hair.
Jessica- uhh, no! {who is she?}
Hailee- no
Chelsea- works for her.
Dallas- hell no! Ugly!
Kristen- No.. LIKE ALWAYS!
Nina- hate the dress, love the hair.
Rosie + Brooklyn- YES!!

Karen Peterson said...

Kristen Stewart has to be on drugs. She constantly looks high.

And who gave Emma Watson permission to grow up??