June 06, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion
The Men

Robert Pattinson

Ryan Reynolds & Kellan Lutz

Tom Felton & Trey Songz

Taylor Lautner

Peter Facinelli & Steven R. McQueen

Jim Carrey & Josh Duhamel

Steve-O & Tyrese

Jackson Rathbone & Patrick Dempsey

Rob was just so Rob. Seriously. Adorable.
Ryan is hot and can dress. TWO THUMPBS UP!
Taylor? Rawr.
I'm not loving Peter's facial hair.
Tyrese is always well dressed.
Jackson's a doll, but I'm not digging the denim vest.
McDreamy continues to get dreamier and dreamier.


Christy said...

Ryan is HOT! (And funny) Win win in my book!! Throw in the schnazzy dresser factor & he's golden! I love that I missed the entore show, but KNEW I'd find a recap here. Thanks a bunch!! ; )

Christina said...

My faves were Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese. Good lookin’ guys!

Date Girl said...

Is it just me or has Peter gained weight in the face? Patrick Dempsey is so timeless. That man is smoking hot.

I can't wait to see Green Lantern just so I can stare at Ryan.

Taylor is getting hotter as he ages and I feel less pervy for liking him. He's growing out of that baby face.

Kellan and Jackson are both hotties. They need more camera time.

MiMi said...

They're all swoon worthy except for Tom Felton, Jim Carrey and Steve - O. : )

Anonymous said...

I'd like to order a Rob with sides of Ryan, Kellan, and Trey...Thanks! ;)

silvergirl said...

Amen to McDreamy sister!!!!

(Florida) Girl said...

I'll second that on McDreamy. Like a fine wine...

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Everyone looked great!
I love Ryan Reynolds!!

Karen Peterson said...

Patrick Dempsey is hot. As long as he's not talking.