July 30, 2011

My babies aren't babies anymore.

Both of my beautiful, precious babies aren’t babies anymore. I’ve known this for quite some time, but the reality of it really hit me this week. You know your kids are growing up when they reach certain milestones.

Little Man learned to read before the school year ended. Things quickly progressed over the summer. He sounds out and learns new words every week. He can read words on tv. He recognizes words on menus and signs. I can’t even spell around him anymore. We have a lot of books around the house. Many are the ones I read to him when he was little. Others are what he refers to as baby books. He asked me to get some books just for him that he can read on his own. I did just that. Since our local Borders is closing down, I picked up some Level 1 books for a steal. Little Man is one proud reading machine.

Everyone told me potty training would be easier with a girl. Little Man got the hang of it right before his 3rd birthday. Little Bit mastered it this week, four months shy of hers. Technically, it was easier, but not by much. If there’s one thing I can be certain of, potty training makes me want to pull my hair out. Little Bit does everything her way. She showed interest in the potty several months ago. Her interest waned in a few days, so we assumed she wasn’t ready and stopped. Two weeks ago, she started taking off her diaper and using the potty when she felt like it. She was inconsistent, but making progress. This week I put her in big girl underwear. She's finally got the hang of it minus the occasional accident. Now, she prances around the house in her Dora the Explorer and Tinkerbell delicates like she owns the place.

Seriously, where did my babies go?

July 29, 2011

Instagram ♥ Love

I've been in love with Nora, my trusty iPhone, ever since I got her. I've downloaded numerous apps. There are many I like, but there's one I love love love. I use Instagram every day. It's a super cool photo app. You take pics, edit the pics and share them with others. Basically, it's Twitter for pics. Speaking of Twitter, you can instantly post the pics you take with the app and post them to Twitter and/or Facebook with the click of a button. Pretty nifty, huh?

Here are a few some of my fave snapshots.

I linked up with
life rearranged

July 25, 2011

The Talk of Tinseltown
Another Kardashian Bash

Kim Kardashian had her bachelorette party in Vegas over the weekend. She wore a pink sash and an illuminated tiara. There were penis straws, a penis cake and a miniature male stripper danced on Kim's table. Kim said, "My sisters are doing everything they can to embarrass me."

Kristin Cavallari and NFL boyfriend Jay Cutler have called off their engagement. He popped the question back in April. It's always better to call it off now than to get married and realize you made a mistake. Good luck, kids.

Leighton Meester is suing her mom because she was sending her over $7500 a month to help with her brother's medical care. Her mom chose to spend it on plastic surgery, Botox and hair extensions instead. Shame on you, lady!

Steven Spielberg announced there will be a fourth Jurassic Park movie. I can only remember watching the first two. I don't think I'll run out to see it opening weekend, but I'd certainly like to see a modern version. What about you?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries recently confirmed they're dating. How cute are they?

The Talk of Tinseltown is brought to you today by...

Tori Spelling

July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse joins Club 27.

Today, Amy Winehouse joins Club 27 members Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain. Club 27 is made up of influential musicians who died at the age of 27. Amy publicly struggled with drug and alcohol abuse although the cause of her death is currently under investigation. Regardless of the details, it's a sad day when someone dies at such a young age. It's especially sad when that person had so much to give to the world.

My favorite Winehouse song

July 20, 2011

Not Wordless Wednesday
The Fourth of July

I know Independence Day was a couple of weeks ago. I've been both busy and lazy. Yes, you can be busy and lazy at the same time. It's pretty much how all of my weeks go. So, if you're still interested, read on. If you're not, you're probably busy and lazy too. I feel you.

The Hero had to work on July 4th, so I took the kids to the bestie's house for food, fireworks and fun. I wanted to wear something casual, but not too casual since I knew there would be pictures. These days, when choosing an outfit, I always consider the fact that what I'm wearing will ultimately end up on {Blog+Twitter+Facebook}. I wore my fave True Blood t-shirt, black shorts and black flip flops. The outfit didn't take much thought. I looked put together, but not overdressed. If every day could be this easy...

Fitted Tee - HBO.com
Shorts - Target
Flops - Kohl's

What's your favorite go-to summer outfit?

Hump Day Hottie
Alexander Skarsgard | Eric Northman

When I recently checked my blog stats, I discovered two
words that have been leading the masses to my blog.


So, I thought it apropos to feature him as this week's hottie.

Go ahead. Tell me.

Does he make your lady bits tingly?

He can bite me anytime he likes. Just sayin'.

July 19, 2011

My Mini Twihard

You know I love Twilight, right? Between the movies, the dolls and the refrigerator magnets, I’ve turned Little Bit into a mini Twihard. She knows Bella, Edward and Jacob’s names. She even recognizes them when they make non-Twilight appearances. Remember Me was on Showtime the other night.

“Is that Edward, Mommy?”

She then stands in front of the tv, transfixed. There’s a scene where Robert Pattinson’s character gets roughed up by his girlfriend’s father. Little Bit starts screaming at the tv. “Nooooo! Don’t hurt Edward!” The Hero was sitting right there. He had this look on his face. You know the one. The ‘what have you done to my child’ look.

I can’t help it if…
A) She wants to be just like her mom.
B) She has good taste in men.

July 18, 2011

Girls' Night Out
Dinner, Drinks + Tattoos

Friday Night was Girl's Night Out. I guess we should have just called it Samesies Night Out since it was just Terri and I. We met up around 8-something. We had no concrete plans. We knew we wanted to eat dinner downtown, so that's exactly what we did. But first, we went to a friend's house so she could take our picture. We didn't end up eating dinner until after 10. We were starving. We had some delicious Italian food with a drink or two. We talked about this and that. We sat across from a local news guy. We decided he looks better in person, but is super short. We laughed. A lot. We mulled over what to do next. Drive around? Local bar? Dog track? Being indecisive landed us in a tattoo shop getting matching tattoos.

Oh, yes!

I told you I'd be wearing the hottest pair of shoes ever.

Outfit Deets:
Top - Kohl's
Jeggings - Target
Heels - Kohl's
Earrings - NY&Co
Bracelet - F21

This was my third tat. It hurt way more than the other two.

It was totally worth it though.

Supa Stars!

July 15, 2011

The day I fell in love
with a pair of shoes

I was browsing the shoe section at Kohl’s when I spotted a misplaced pair of heels on a shelf in front of me. It was just the one pair. They were black and super cute. I picked them up, realizing they weren’t my size. I liked them enough to look for more, so I started walking up and down the aisles. I had almost given up when I spotted them. It was quite the magical moment when I realized they had two pairs in my size. Unfortunately, the box said $69.99. I told myself I couldn’t rationalize a pair of $70 shoes. I wasn’t at Kohl’s for shoes. The more I stared at them, the more they called my name. Misty! Misty! Misty!

I decided to try them on. It would make me feel better if they didn’t fit, or looked ugly on my feet. And that, ladies, is when it happened. The shoes fit like a glove. The shoes were comfortable. Upon my feet, the shoes became the hottest pair of shoes ever. I took a picture, texted the best friend and told her I couldn’t buy the hottest pair of shoes ever. I told her I might cry. I knew she’d understand. With extreme sadness, I walked back to the shelf. That’s when I realized… The $69.99 pair of the hottest pair of shoes ever were ON SALE for $39.99. I texted the bestie as I hugged the box tightly to my chest, told her she could borrow them anytime and ran to the register as angels were singing. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! A $40 pair of shoes is a STEAL when your best friend wears the same size. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

Here is the picture of the hottest pair of shoes ever, that I took in the store with my trusty iPhone. They'll be making their debut at GIRLS' NIGHT OUT tonight!

Vera Wang from Kohl's

July 13, 2011

Hump Day Hottie
Sofia Vergara

I asked for your votes. You answered.

If I had voted, I would have picked her too.

Sofia Vergara is one smokin' hot babe.

I love her on Modern Family.

If I had bigger boobs, I'd totally be her for Halloween.