August 31, 2011

2011 MTV Video Music Awards
Fetchin' Fellas

Here come the boys!

Taylor Lautner & Pete Wentz

Joe Jonas & JC Chasez

Jonah Hill & Ne-Yo

Kevin Hart & Kanye West

Justin Bieber & his snake, Johnson

The only person I'm impressed with is Jonah Hill.
Can you believe he used to look like this?


Brianne said...

Seriously, I saw him and almost died! I could not believe that was Jonah! Love him!

Angie said...

OMG I can not get over how much weight Jonah lost!!!!!!!!!! He doesnt even look like the same person!

Mrs. M said...

Yeah - as I was scrolling down I could not believe how thin he has gotten - hope he keeps it up, it looks good on him!

Christina said...

Pete Wentz cleaned up nicely. Taylor looks good in anything (or nothing). Joe Jonas and Kanye looked awful. Bieber is such a little brat.

Lou said...

Hi there! I can't get over how much weight that chap has lost! He looks fabulous... Also I have this thing for Ne yo - I saw him interviewed on TV here in the UK and he was such a sweetie... Lou x

Macey said...

You're right. Jonah Hill is the only one I'm impressed with. Even Taylor was "meh."

Anonymous said...

Agreed!! Go Jonah....and he's still funny. : )

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I'm so impressed with Jonas' progress but a little part of me loves him round and plump. Lose the weight but please don't lose the funny bud! :)

Can someone PLEASE help Justin stop dressing like he's been shopping in Ellen's closet?

TLF said...

How did Jonah drop all the pounds??

Also, I hate skinny jeans on dudes. Eww.

Anonymous said...

Holy J Hill!