August 08, 2011

2011 Teen Choice Awards Fashion

Selena Gomez
If she took the sash-like thing off, the dress would be ok.
I think the shoes are totally wrong for this dress.

Kim Kardashian
This dress belongs on a 12-year-old.
The bun only makes it worse.

Taylor Swift
The dress is very 'Marilyn Monroe'. I don't think it suits her.

Blake Lively
I like the fit of the dress.
I like the color of the dress.
I think I'd prefer it on a brunette.

Cameron Diaz
The dress is boring.
The shoes are all wrong.

Emma Stone
She knows it's August, right?

Ashley Green
She's gorgeous.
The look is simple.
It's not bad, but I don't love it either.

Justin Bieber
For once, I wish he'd wear something normal.

Black and yellow stars? Really?
Also, girlfriend needs to get her roots touched up.

Rachel Bilson
The dress is matronly, but the shoes are hot.

Taylor Lautner
Isn't he always wearing a variation of this?

Nikki Reed
It's an alright dress.
It doesn't seem fitting for an awards show though.

Demi Lovato
Can a dress be too yellow?

Zooey Deschanel
The dress and shoes do not suit a young woman.
Why didn't these ladies bring the hotness?

Tyra Banks
Well, someone tried to bring the hotness and failed.
What the hell is this?

Joe Jonas
He almost had it.
I'm not a fan of the shoes.

Kaley Cuoco
I like this dress the more I look at it.
I don't think it suits this event though.

Avril Lavigne
The dress and shoes are cute.
She's dressed appropriately for the event.
Who would have thought she'd get my pick for Best Dressed?

She's lost a lot of weight and looks fantastic.
So, why wear a suit?

Elizabeth Banks
Red leather? You're not Britney Spears circa 2000.

Robert Pattinson
He's biting his lip. Again.

Nina Dobrev
This looks like a Dorothy costume.

Ian Somerhalder
T-shirt? Good.
Jeans? Good.
Baby blues? Good.
Team Damon all the way!

Paul Wesley
I'm only including Stefan for the bestie.

The Kardashians
Not really a fan of... any of them.


Macey said...

You are spot on with all of the comments you have on each...Fergie...I think her hair was trying to match her dress!
Team Damon ALL THE WAY!!!!
Nina Dobrev...she needs a Toto.
Tyra Banks...your comment I LOL'd at. :)
Taylor's shoes qualify him to wear a red nose and work at childrens' birthday parties!

Unknown said...

yeah I wasn't really impressed with anyone on the red carpet...

Christina said...

Ew. I didn't like anyone! I know Teen Choice is a chance to take risks and play around with looks, but these weren't good at all! I think I need to jump on the Vampire Diaries bandwagon! Zooey always dresses like a 40 year old. Demi looks great, but not in that dress. I think my best dressed goes to Kaley. Kim K looks so much like Kourtney. I can’t stand the two little Kardashians. They are spoiled brats!

Mrs. Match said...

Stefan is hot but I'm total Team Damon. He's just so badddd.
The cut of Nina's dress is adorable. If only it wasn't a pattern that makes me nauseous to look at.

Oh Elizabeth...nooo.
Raven does look great and that suit doesn't flatter her at all.
I agree Avril was best dressed for sure.

I don't think Blake's dress would look good on any blonde. Plus it looks like something you'd wear to a job interview.

Knobby knees Taylor could NEVER pull off the Marilyn Monroe look. Ever.

RAY J said...

Your Tyra comment made me literally LOL!!

Kylie and Kendell look like mini giants with Khloe, standing with Kim and Kourtney, lol...

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Tyra looks like she got her outfit half off after the recent Comicon... either that or she just woke up from a drunken weekend at the Comicon and forgot to change before arriving at the Teen Choice Awards.

I hate to say this but Justin B lost most of his allure when he cut his hair. I've never cared for him but his eye brows currently freak me out.

You are on point with ALL of these observations girl, as usual :)

tara said...

Eek. I'm not liking any of these looks!!

Unknown said...

Damon - yes! But I wouldn't turn down good ol' Stefan either! ;)

Anonymous said...

You have to admit Stefen is still a hottie...even though Damon has the smolder. lol

Andi said...

oy! why is Emma Stone dressed like that?!?! and, Selena Gomez is too young to be dressing like that... she's like 18.. why does Tyra always dress so badly?

Unknown said...

I came here because I knew you'd have a pic of Damon. ;) Thought the same thing you did about Tyra. Awful outfit.

Unknown said...

I definitely agree on best dressed. Wow! Epic fail for all the rest...although, I do like Demi Lavato's dress on her and with her dark hair {I like bright colors though}, but not a fan of the shoe color. I think white would have looked better. :) And I agree about Team Damon. I don't watch the show, but he makes me want to. Stefan just looks confused. Definitely not as cute. :) Oh, and Hello Robert! :) lol

Mrs. M said...

Pretty much a fashion fail all around!

Kris said...

Was it just me, or did Kaley Cuoco seem really, really stoned at the opening of the show? Glassy, red eyes, seemed a little slurry and off? She got better as the show went on, but DANG! This is supposed to be a show for kids!

TLF said...

Yeah, not a fan... of ANYONE.

Unknown said...

The three vampires get my vote ... holy hotness!!
Selena, Demi, Nikki, Nina and Ashley are gorgeous!! Love them!
Cameron is looking more and more like a man these days ... homegirl is too buff!

AMY said...

Loving Selena and Blake Lively! Totally Beautiful!

And Ian is HOT HOT HOT! Love those beautiful blue eyes!

Unknown said...

I agree with every single comment of yours!!

Kim K looks ridiculous & what was Tyra B thinking??!

How weird that the Kardashians are such different heights, Kourtney is tiny!!