September 19, 2011

2011 Emmy Fashion
3 Blacks + 1 Brown

Naya Rivera

Kristen Wiig

Maria Menounos

Kaley Cuoco

I like the top half of Naya's dress.
Kristen's dress would have been ok in another color. I really don't like brown evening dresses.
I like Maria's dress a lot.
I really liked Kaley's dress until they panned down. I think it's an odd length.


MiMi said...

You're right about Kaley's dress...something about the length makes her look like a midget!!!

Teri said...

Naya looks the best of all of these ladies!

Allena said...

Everything about Kristen looked off. The dress looked weird against her skin + the LONG drop neck + the long, straight hair + a long face...just dragged her down.

Anonymous said...


Christina said...

I LOVED Naya’s look! Kristen’s dress was ugly. Kaley’s dress was too short.