September 19, 2011

2011 Emmy Fashion
Pinks + Purples

Rashida Jones

Jayma Mays

Jane Lynch

Amber Riley

Sarah Hyland

Kelly Osbourne

Melissa McCarthy

I love both Rashida and Sarah's dresses. They picked great colors.
The rest bore me.


Anonymous said...

I like Rashida's dress, but I swear I just saw that one someone else recently. That is a very different look for Jane and I gotta say, I like it. I may have added a necklace and subbed the chunky bracelets for something a little lighter though.

Macey said...

You mean Jane Lynch?? I have a crush on her. :)

Mrs. M said...

I like Kelly's dress too!

AMY said...

Ohhhhhh I LOVE Sarah and Kelly's dresses!
They look Fabulous!

The rest I don't care for too much. pretty in purple. Dress looks a little too big for her though.

Allena said...

I love me some Glee but thought most of them got it wrong this year. Jane Lynch looks great!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's shoes frickin rock.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I loved Sarah's dress. The rest were okay.

Krystle said...

Jane Lynch in a dress!? Whoa!! Jayma Mays dress suits her.

Christina said...

Hated Jayma’s dress! Sarah and Kelly look great!

Unknown said...

kelly looks amazing. haters suck.