September 12, 2011

The Talk of Tinseltown
Hatin' on Hydrangeas

George Clooney went public with another girlfriend he'll never marry. George recently stepped out with former wrestler Stacy Kiebler. He's 50. She's 31. Since I'm only 32, I think this means I have a chance.

Justin Bieber admits to wearing women's jeans on occasion because they fit better. I don't care if they bit better. Justin, that's just weird.

A journalist gave Madonna some hydrangeas at a press junket. She then told the person next to her how much she loathes hydrangeas. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but she kind of said it into a microphone. Whoopsies!

Singer Adele told British Vogue in its October issue that she pukes a lot before going on stage. I'll never understand how someone with a voice like this gets nervous before going on stage, but I do love her a little more knowing that she does.

Reese Witherspoon was recently hit by a car while jogging. An 84-year-old woman hit her, but Reese has opted not to press charges. Glad you're ok, Reese!

Sidenote: I'm seriously considering cutting my hair like this.

Rumor has it that Kris Jenner wants all of her daughters to be pregnant at the same time. This makes sense since they're all publicity whores. Ryan Seacrest may need a body double if he's going to produce yet another Kardashian show.

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Daenel T. said...

George George George and the women who date him... *sigh*

That Justin kid? Yeah, dude, buy some boy jeans and move on.

We do not need anymore Kardashians.

Reese is such a class act, I'm glad she wasn't hurt.

Daenel T. said...
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AMY said...

Oh I love Stacey K.......I think they make a very Cute couple! And I hope they fall madly in love and are together forever!
OMG.....Madonna looks like she's 80! All the stuff she's done to hide her age isn't working anymore. Hahaha!
Justin is rich enough he should have his jeans custom made......DUH!
Love LOVE LOVE Talk of Tinseltown!

Christina said...

How does George find these girls? I think he’s like Leo. They are sitting in their giant mansions and just say, “Bring me that one.” And what girl wouldn’t go? I’m interested to see how this one will play out since she’s already famous and not just a waitress. I watched that Madonna clip. What a BITCH! She had to have known she was on camera, whether the mic was on or not. That poor guy. I read somewhere that hydrangeas were her and Sean Penn’s wedding flower. I love Adele. She’s so normal. I love Reese’s hair, my sister has that picture saved for her hair cut too. It’s so cute…do it! Ugh. Kardashians.

Impulsive Addict said...

Why do girls keep trying to date George? I just don't see it. He's not that cute, he has commitment issues and he's 50! He USED to be hot...but maybe the commitment thing made him unattractive to me. At least he doesn't rack up a bunch of marriages and divorces, right?

When will Bieber be leaving the scene? I don't get him.

**Well, I guess I'm feeling negative today**

Madge was rude. She should know better.

I love Adele. <--positive! YAY~

You totally should cut your hair like Reese. She's so adorable and sweet! I love her too!

And back to negative...I don't understand why the Kardashians are famous. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

That cut is super it!

I am so glad that
a.) Reese is OK
b.) that she didn't go all Hollywood bitchy on the old lady.

She is one classy gal.

On the other end...Kris Jenner is a basket case. Seriously.

Macey said...

Madonna's a bitch.
The Kardashians confuse the eff out of me.
Bieber. Ugh.

tara said...

I'm so over the biebs. When will he go away??

Mrs. M said...

Kardashian news: would so not surprise me. Lame!

I love that hair style - it would look great on you!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I agree that it's weird, but it's totally common for boys to wear girls' jeans around here.

When are the Kardashians going to go away? I want them to so, so much.

Working Mommy said...

Stacy is super hot...good for old George!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm loving Reese'c 'do myself...SO cute!

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Who hates hydrangeas?! Someone with a dark spot on their soul, I tell ya.

TLF said...

That is totally weird, Bieber!!
I love that Reese hairsytle!! Mine is pretty much like that, just a bit shorter. I wish I didn't have to use mega hairspray to get my short side bangs to stay like that, tho.

Date Girl said...

Maybe they fit better because he is missing man parts? ;-)

Your hair would look adorable like that! I've gone for a Reese Witherspoon do in the past. Love her!

Did you hear the latest on Brad talking smack about his marriage to Jen? I want your tinsel town spin on it. I think it was pretty lame, to bring it up all these years later.

Myra said...

Do the Reese Witherspoon hair!! You would totally rock it. Duh.

And I'm with Date Girl - I want to hear your thoughts about idiot Brad talking about Jen too!!

Fash Boulevard said...

You're so right, George Clooney will never marry. He's the ultimate bachelor. But him and stacey are a cute couple. :)

I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog soon. xo

Unknown said...

What is up Kris Jenner, I used to like her but am really going off her!!!

All the girls pregnant at the same time, seriously!!??? Too much, it's just too much!!!!