November 21, 2011

2011 American Music Awards
The Chicas

Sarah Hyland

Jenny McCarthy

Katy Perry

Audrina Patridge

Jennifer Morrison

Julie Bowen

Sara Ramirez

Chaka Khan

Alanis Morissette

Heidi Klum

Taylor Swift

Vanessa Minnillo

Jennifer Hudson

Mary J. Blige

I love Jenny's dress and booties.
Audrina looks like a stripper. Seriously, look at those shoes.
Alanis looks great!
I still can't get over how small Jennifer Hudson is.


Christina said...

I love Jenny, Jennifer, Julie, Heidi, and Taylor. Katy just annoys me lately! Can’t she ever look normal? I don’t like the dresses on Alanis or Vanessa.

Cathy said...

Jenny McCarthy looks hot. I want that dress!

Julie Bowen needs to eat something. Anything.

I think I can see Heidi's underwear.

I need Taylor Swifts dress and an super fancy event to wear it to. Love it.

JHud looks so fit and healthy.

MiMi said... lawd, she looks so different!

Jen said...

I knew that you would come threw for me. I couldn't watch but that is alright, I got Hot Pants. :)

AMY said...

I Love Sarah Hyland and Julie Bowen!
And the rest I thought were Yuck......too short and/or trying too hard to look young.

Venassa said...

So many gorgeous ladies.. but is Heidi wearing aluminum foil?