November 21, 2011

2011 American Music Awards
The Chicos

Lance Bass

Taio Cruz

Joe Jonas

Gavin DeGraw

Benjamin Bratt

The Situation

Lionel Richie


Lil Jon

John Legend

Adam Lambert

Matthew Morrison

Travie McCoy & Robin Thicke

John Legend & Matthew Morrison look great.
The rest are just... meh.


Christina said...

Lance is looking good! I love the purple. So are John and Matthew! Joe, Gavin, Mike, Adam look terrible – no shiny clothes!

Anonymous said...

Some of those guys look so awkward posing solo on the red carpet, like they don't know how to stand or hold their arms. Well, I guess they would look even weirder if they stood with their legs crossed and a hand on their hip like the gals do...but the gals never look awkward standing like that. ☺

Macey said...

Am I the only one that has a hard time looking at a Jonas brother or Richie?
And Adam Lambert looks JUST like an action figure in that picture.

AMY said...

I Love Benjamin Bratt and Matthew Morrison........Didn't like the rest.

Adam Lambert looked like a vampire....LOL!