December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

If I don't get this out now, I never will. Here is a brief recap of our Christmas holiday.

I finished my shopping on December 23. Why, yes, I am a procrastinator!

The Hero worked on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve morning was spent at the doctor's office. Both kids had ear infections.

I wrapped presents while they slept.

LM & LB got new Christmas jammies.

We made cookies for Santa.

We watched Elf.

Once they were asleep, I played Santa.

The Hero came home on Christmas morning.

The kids opened their presents.

The bikes from Santa were a huge hit!

We headed to The Hero's parent's house to exchange gifts with the fam.

My mom and her boyfriend came over Christmas Eve night.

We exchanged gifts again.

It was a great Christmas for all.

My Fave Gifts: Kim Kardashian perfume, my Keurig coffee maker & my UK coffee cup


TLF said...


My Mercurial Nature said...

Jealous of that a major way!! Looks like a busy, but eventually, good Christmas. :-)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

KEURIG FOR THE WIN! I'm obsessed with mine. Don't be surprised if you don't start wanting to buy EVER coffee made for it on earth. My bestie and I have started purchasing boxes and trading the cups like trading cards ;)

I love the Bieber paper it cracks me up! I am so happy you ended up with a Merry Christmas!!! And I hope the kiddos are feeling better.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I still can't believe both kids ended up with ear infections on Christmas Eve, but I love that none of you let that get you down!

Meghan said...

Keurig and KK??? Sounds like the perfect Christmas!

valentine said...

Are you a UK fan? I grew up in KY, moved after high school and haven't been back. Seeing that mug made me kinda miss it......

Christina said...

Your poor kids! I hope they were feeling better by present time. Bikes are always the perfect Christmas gift. I love the Target Barbie! We got my mom a Kuerig last year and she loves it. I like drinking hot cocoa and apple cider from it! Looks like you guys had a busy Christmas!

Macey said...

You have to update me on the if you use it every day and stuff. I'm just not sold on whether I would use it enough to buy one but I kinda want one!
Poor kiddos...stupid ear infections!

Mrs. Match said...

Merry late Christmas! I know what you mean about not having time to get the Christmas recap post up. I'm still working on mine. I've got the January blog lazies!

Love the coffee maker. Not sure if I'd want to smell like a Kardashian though. Does it smell like desperation for fame? ;-)

Mrs. M said...

You got some great gifts! I hope to have my christmas recap up by maybe valetine's day. :)