December 12, 2011

The Talk of Tinseltown
All Ladies Today

Men's Health magazine named Jennifer Aniston the hottest woman of all time. That's one hell of a compliment. Way to go, Rachel Green!

Kirsten Dunst received a protection order against her 51-year-old stalker. He's flown from France to L.A. more than five times, sent her letters, called her over a hundred times, and once, walked up to her doorstep and confronted her mom. That's so scary. I can't even imagine.

An alleged former assistant to Angelina Jolie claims the actress locks herself in the basement for hours and performs grueling exercises to stay thin. She doesn't eat because many children in the world can't eat. I'm betting this story is a big load of crap. What do you think?

Most of the time, Madame Tussauds wax figures don't exactly look like the real person. In this case, I'd say they nailed Gwen Stefani... down to the abs.

Lindsay Lohan's Chanel purse was stolen over the weekend. She left the bag in a car while attending a house party in Hawaii. The purse held her passport, probation documents and $10,000 in cash. Someone gave her the purse back minus the cash. That's what you get, you big dummy!

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Unknown said...

Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, but hottest of all time? I'm still a fan of Audrey Hepburn.

Of course that crazy Angelina doesn't eat more than a grain of rice a day 'cause she's crazy! LOL! =)

Wax Gwen Stefani looks like she's melting.

Dang... I knew I should have grabbed that bag! Just joking!

tara said...

Thats why I never carry more than $9k in cash! Duh, LiLo!

Christina said...

Team Jennifer Aniston! I don’t know if she’s the absolute hottest, but definitely hotter than the people who usually get that title! I’m not complaining. I think the Angelina story is crap too, but she is looking way too thin lately. Lindsay is an idiot. She probably wanted her probation papers stolen.

Macey said...

LiLo is a retard.
And. I'm the ONLY person in the world who is tired of looking at Jennifer Aniston, right?
I thought that WAS Gwen Stefani.

TLF said...

Uhhh, no. Do not agree with Men's Health. 'Of All Time'.. doubt it.

And I can totally believe Angie doesn't eat bc there are starving children. Kinda seems like her style.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Wait. Lindsay has her passport back?

And seriously, Jennifer Aniston? I loved Rachel Green, but that woman is NOT the hottest woman of all time. She's not even the hottest woman of right now. Those men need to have their heads examined.

As for the story about Angelina, it may be exaggerated, but I bet it's pretty true.

AMY said...

Wooohooo......YAY Jennifer Aniston! I LOVE her!

I think Angelina is a biotch and probably does whatever it takes to be stick-thin!

Lindsey isn't the smartest girl. But I do have to say she looks VERY Beautiful in that picture. She hasn't looked that good in a long time!

Inna xoxo said...

If only Lindsey always looked that cute...

xoxo Inna :)

valentine said...

In the showdown against the crazy assistant vs crazy angelina, my money is on angelina taking the crazy award..... cuz she is srsly weird, not in a good way, but a "she is gonna snap" kind of way

Mrs. Match said...

Yeah I don't know about of all time for Miss Jen, even those she is beautiful. She was prettier when she had a little more meat on her bones, back when she was first Rachel Green.

I bet Angelina doesn't eat much, but probably more for vanity than anything.

Oh Miss Lohan what a trainwreck...

Natalie said...

I love Jennifer Aniston. I would probably sell my soul if I could look like her.

And where did Lindsey Lohan GET that much money in the first place? Hasn't she blown it all on booze & drugs by now?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Dear Lindsay... karma is a bitch :)

I love Jennifer A... she's the bees knees.

Angelina will do anything to stay in the lime light... wonder how long it will be before she stars wearing blood around her neck again ;)