January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes Fashion
The Fine Fellas

Adam Levine

Damian Lewis & Bradley Cooper

Leonardo DiCaprio & Viggo Mortensen

Zachary Levi & David Duchovny

Jonah Hill & Eric Stonestreet

Ryan Seacrest & Owen Wilson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Michael Fassbender

Mark Wahlberg & Judd Apatow

Who watches Homeland? I have a major crush on Damian Lewis.
When did Viggo get so old?
I like Zachary's tux.


Mrs. M said...

Damien looks way better without that prisoner beard! :)

Allena said...

Bradley Cooper's tux looks too small - something about it is just off. And I will NEVER tire of pictures of Mark Wahlberg.

Rachel said...

Zachary's look was my favorite for the men!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Michael Fassbender's tux was too shiny.

The rest look great. Of course.

Christina said...

I don’t like Jesse or Michael’s tuxes. I like that Zachary was in blue! Everyone else looks pretty good!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think I'd like Mark's suit better if it was on the floor ;) hehe!

Macey said...

Some of these dudes are getting way too old...hello, Viggo? Whoa.

TLF said...

Why why why do they all look so dang skinny??!! Sheesh!

Michelle said...

Zachary Levi is sexy to me.... love his suit too ;)