January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes Fashion
Hot Color of the Night

Nude, cream, tan, beige, taupe, off-white...

Whatever color it is, it was the color of the night.

Kristen Wiig & Emily Watson

Heidi Klum & Amy Poehler

Sarah Hyland & Julie Bowen

Sarah Paulson & Amanda Peet

Elle Macpherson & Guliana Rancic

Kristen & Emily look too plain for an awards show.
I really like Sarah's dress.
I love the sparkly cap sleeves on Julie's dress, but the bust looks all wrong for her.
Amanda looks like she's trying to cover a baby bump with ugly, lace curtains.
I don't typically like fishtail gowns, but Elle's was very pretty. She rocked it.


Christina said...

I don’t really like this color. It makes everyone look so washed out and pale. I think it looked best on Amy, but I didn’t love her dress. Sarah Hyland is so freakin’ cute. I like the top of Sarah Paulson’s dress. Amanda’s was awful. Elle seriously doesn’t age.

AMY said...

ISH.....I don't like the color!
I like bold, rich, classy colors....Like red, black, blue, green and especially wine.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Perhaps it's the photos, but I'm bored by all of these dresses.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Sarah and Elle nailed it. I am not a huge fan of this color since it seems to wash people out but with the right flare and glitz it's pretty. That being said I like Kristen Wiig's outfit for a night out NOT an award show.

Macey said...

Such a boring color.
Elle was the only one who really looked good, I think...

TLF said...

Heidi Klum was another one of my favs from the night!