January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes Fashion
The Rest

Connie Britton

Taissa Farmiga

Kate Winslet

Tilda Swinton

Elizabeth McGovern

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sharon Osbourne

Connie looks underdressed.
I love Kate's dress. She always looks great.
I think Tilda gets pleasure out of dressing badly.
I love Elizabeth's hair & makeup. I also love the black & blue together. I just wish the dress was a different style.
A lot of people hate SMG's tie-dyed prom dress, but I like it. It works on her. I also love her makeup & ponytail.
At least Sharon's wearing sparkly pink shoes...


Unknown said...

I am one of the few that loved SMG's dress! Her makeup and hair were flawless - she looked fresh and happy!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Kate looks flawless. Tilda always looks awful and I can't stand her. And Sharon looks like she's reenacting a scene from Bridesmaids.

Christina said...

I really liked the top of Taissa’s dress. Kate looked perfect! I didn’t like SMG at all. The dress or the hair/makeup.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I am not a fan of SMG's dress... BUT she said her daughter picked it out. So even if it's a fashion risk it's cute to me that she let Char do that for her.

Macey said...

Tilda scares the shit out of me.

TLF said...

No, not a fan of SMG.. it would have been stunning in plain white!

Tina L. Hook said...

Color me surprised that Kate's dress didn't get more attention. Meow.

Anonymous said...

I also loved SMG's dress. I think it got so much bad press because maybe it's not quite right for this event. Still loved it, though!