January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes Fashion
Gold + White

Katharine McPhee

Mary J. Blige

Diane Lane

Jessica Chastain

Busy Phillips

I don't love Katharine's dress, but it looks good on her.
Diane looks fabulous. The color & style work for her.
I like Jessica's dress, but feel like something is missing or off.
I hate Busy's dress. It's not flattering at all.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I hate Busy's dress but love her hair. I am also happy to see Katherine back with brunette hair, I didn't like her as a blonde or so short.

P.S. I thought about you first thing this morning I didn't watch the Globes but KNEW you would have fashion posts for me to oogle at this morning!

Mrs. M said...

Katherine is my favorite of those dresses!

TLF said...

I didn't even recognize Katherine McPhee.. that's the AI chick, right? Why's she still around? Did I miss something?

I love the feathers on Mary J's dress!!

I do not like white on red heads, not at all!

Busy looks like she's trying to hide a baby bump. If she's not, then she should never wear something like that!

Macey said...

Busy looks like she's standing there going, "Go ahead, I dare you to not like this crap dress."

Christina said...

Katharine looked a little too undone. Mary J worked it! I don’t think the color was a good choice for Jessica. Busy was boring, as usual lately.

AMY said...

I like Katherine's dress......she looks Great!
The others I don't like.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Some of these are okay, but I think most of them look too washed out.