January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes Fashion
I Adore Sofia + Emma

Sofia Vergara always chooses the right dress.

She knows what works for her & sticks with it.

She looks amazing.

I'm always anxious to see what the redheads wear.

On anyone else, this dress wouldn't work.

I love the style. I also love that it's purple & fuschia.

Her hair & makeup look great too.


Anonymous said...

Sofia looks great!

Lou said...

I know all I need to do is drop into your blog to get the updates on any red carpet event! You are a master! I think I like Angelina's dress the best - not this post but one before...she looks stunning. I know people have this love hate thing with her - I think she is so interesting to look at - not sure I love I her, but she looked amazing. Lou x

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Sofia looks fabulous! Of course I'm sure it helps to have such a rockin bod! I love Emma also, this dress looks great on her!

Love reading your opinions on celebrities fashion! :]

<3 Monica


tara said...

Looooooove Sofia's dress! She looks flawless!

Unknown said...

sophia would look good in anything. even burlap.

Mrs. M said...

They both look amazing!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Ugh... LOVE, LOVE, LOVVVEEEE Sophia's dress the color and the cut are amazing!!! And on her 100% perfect! I also love the color of Emma's dress - I'm smitten with eggplant big time and it works SO well with her hair/make-up! WINNERS!

Macey said...

That color dress is weird on most redheads, but she made it work.

TLF said...

I want Emma's eyes... is that weird??!

Christina said...

Emma is the best! She looked amazing and I really loved the dress. I saw someone tweet “Emma Stone is everything I wanted Lindsay Lohan to be.” That's how I always feel! Hahaha.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Sofia could pretty much show up naked and I would still say she was the best dressed.

She always, always gets it right.