January 30, 2012

2012 SAG Awards Fashion
Back in Black

Emily Watson & Ashlee Simpson

Angelina Jolie & Heather Morris

Amber Heard & Mayim Bialik

Amber Riley & Stacy Keibler

Tina Fey & Jane Krakowski

Emily's dress is drab.
I don't hate Angelina's dress, but I don't love it either.
Heather's dress is atrocious.
Amber H.'s dress might have worked with different hair & makeup. Instead, she looks like a vampire.
Stacy's dress is pretty, but doesn't wow me. More than anything, I wish she'd change up her hair.
I kind of love Jane's dress.

Fave - Jane Krakowski


Macey said...

All I can think is: Blossom!

TLF said...

It kills me how different Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are!!

Mrs. M said...

Oh I don't really like Jane's dress at all. Heather is wearing one of those mullet dresses - HATE IT!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why styles Heather, but they are not doing a good job. Her hair, dress, accessories...all were a mess. Her shoes were OK, but not with that dress.

Jane's dress is different; I like it!

Christina said...

Ashlee? Why is she there? And she looks terrible. Wow, I don’t like very many of these. I’m not feeling Angelina, Heather or Mayim at all. Stacy’s look is my favorite. I like Jane's too.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Mayim's dress looks like it belongs on Meryl Streep.