January 30, 2012

2012 SAG Awards Fashion
Ladies Over 55

Linda Gray, 71

Mary Steenburgen, 58

Meryl Streep, 62

Glenn Close, 64

Jessica Lange, 62

Kathy Bates, 63

I love the color & style of Mary's dress.
Jessica is so so so gorgeous.
Kathy is so awesome. I wish she'd dress better.

Fave - Mary Steenburgen


Unknown said...

Seriously, Mary Steenburgen looks amazing! I would never guess her age.

Macey said...

Linda...um. Pretty. But...still...

TLF said...

Oh my word, Linda Gray...

Mrs. M said...

Mary is my fave too.

Christina said...

Oh, Linda. No. Mary and Jessica look awesome. My grandma looks just like Kathy Bates. And I look a lot like my grandma. That’s my future. Uh oh. I love this category!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I totally love Mary's dress.