January 30, 2012

2012 SAG Awards
Penelope Ann Miller
in Blue Nile Jewelry

When it comes to awards shows, I'm usually obsessed with the dresses, makeup and hair. I often forget to point out the amazing jewels. In case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for diamonds and sapphires. I blame my mom for the diamond obsession. She's the one who gave birth to me in April. And blue is my favorite color!

The Artist's Penelope Anne Miller wore Blue Nile diamond and sapphire jewelry to the SAG Awards last night.

When I see Penelope Ann Miller, I can't help but think of Kindergarten Cop.

Blue Nile, Inc. the leading online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry, dressed Best Ensemble nominated actress Penelope Ann Millers in its sapphire & diamond stud earrings, sapphire & diamond bracelet, premier eternity diamond bracelet, and sapphire & diamond ring. Created for celebrity red carpet appearances and Hollywood premiere events, the one of a kind sapphire & diamond pieces are a part of Blue Nile’s Extraordinary Collection.

This is why I dream of being famous.

I want someone to give me a fancy dress and stunning jewels for a night on the town.

And since I'm dreaming, I'd like Gerard Butler to be my date.


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

SooOoOoOo pretty :)

Amy said...

Gerard will forever be "SPARTA" in my book...he's so hunky!!

And I agree...totally Kindergarten Cop!

MiMi said...

When I see her I think of Adventures in Babysitting. LOL

Simone said...

She looks beautiful, that is just the perfect shade of blue for her. She looked SO much older in "The Artist", I didn't recognise her at first!!

And Gerard...yum! A good friend of mine has another good friend....who just happened to drop into the conversation at my friend's birthday dinner party last year that when Gerard is in London they hook up...and you can guess the rest!! We were speechless! And possibly a little envious! :)

Krissy said...

I don't really watch the awards shows anymore. I guess over the years I just got aggravated because the ones I wanted to win didn't so much.

And now in my next Gerard Butler dream I'll be fighting you for him. :) He is most definitely HOT!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

i agree! and gerard butler is hunky, would make for a nice arm escort :)

Lauren said...

Gorgeous dress and I agree 110% on your dream date!! :)
Lauren @ Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees

Michelle Hoad said...

My first wedding ring was sapphires. Hated him, loved the ring.

Karen Peterson said...

My very favorite combination is diamonds and sapphires. Simply gorgeous.

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty!