February 27, 2012

What now?

The 2011-2012 awards season is over.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

I know! I can finally get around to seeing this guy in The Artist.

Seriously, how charming is Jean Dujardin?

2012 Oscar Fashion
Best Dressed Michelle Williams

You had to know I'd pick Michelle Williams as Best Dressed, right? E! showed her early in their red carpet coverage. I had a feeling no one would top her. Do I love this dress because I love her so much? It's possible. The dress is seriously gorgeous though. When Ryan Seacrest asked her what color it was, she said coral or maybe pomegranate. I love that this Louis Vuitton dress isn't a true red, true pink or true orange.

Today, LV officially called it burnt orange.

Michelle's wearing a 30-carat diamond necklace from Fred Leighton. She completed the look with a bright lip and blush crocodile knot clutch from Bottega Veneta. The teeny tiny silver bow at the peplum waist is just the cutest addition.

The stunningly beautiful dress made of silk mousseline and organza ribbons took over 300 hours to make. I like it's simple elegance. It's absolutely beautiful without being overdone. {I have a feeling Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn love this dress.}

What I most love about Michelle though is that her greatest accessory is always her bestie.

2012 Oscar Fashion
Almost Best Dressed Emma Stone

If you would have told me years ago that I'd love a redhead wearing a raspberry dress with a giant neck bow, I would have called you THE CRAZY. Somehow, someway... I really think this works. It's what I like to call a showstopper. As soon as Emma walked onto the red carpet, I had to pause the broadcast. With her skin tone and hair color, this could have turned out all wrong. With simple accessories, flawless makeup and great hair, she makes this Giambattista Valli couture dress more than work.

A lot of people think the dress would look better without the bow. I have to disagree completely.

I think the dress would lose its charm and become just another dress.

Emma Stone, you are my favorite ginger.

2012 Oscar Fashion
The Leftovers

Busy Phillips
I love her earrings and shoes. The dress I could do without.

Judy Greer
This looks like a sporty Oscar dress.
This is not a compliment.

Kelly Osbourne
She continues to look like a grandmother.
Bad hair. Bad dress.

Sandra Bullock
I love the back of the dress.
The front would have been better if the top was more fitted.

2012 Oscar Fashion

2012 Oscar Fashion
The Misters

I'm really disappointed with the number of photos they have of the men at the Oscars.

Jason Segal

George Clooney

P. Diddy & Pharrell

Christian Bale & Tom Cruise

Jonah Hill & Matthew Lillard

Chris Rock

George Clooney belongs in a tux.
Pharrell looks pretty good in a tux too.
Christian Bale -- DAAAAAAAAAAMN!
I have loved Matthew Lillard since Scream. He's seriously precious.

2012 Oscar Fashion

It's time to get this party started again. Here. We. Go.

Virginia Madsen & Brooke Burns
Ladies, I'm bored.

Viola Davis & Sherri Shepherd
These are two great colors.
Viola looks amazing in this green Vera Wang.
I'm not totally on board though. Something about it is a little weird for me.

Janet McTeer & Natalie Portman
I really like Natalie's dress because it's different.
Red. Love. Polka dots. Love. Diamonds. Love.

Glenn Close & Tina Fey
Glenn chose a great dress in a great color. I love that it has a jacket.
I love love love Tina's dress. I'm definitely a fan of peplum... oh so girly!

Sarah Hyland & Penelope Cruz
Sarah - Blah
Penelope - Beautiful

2012 Oscar Fashion

I stayed up until 1:00 am working on Oscar posts. Unfortunately, my eyelids started drooping before I was finished. Now, as you're reading this, I'm at work. Unfortunately, I don't get paid to blog. Seriously, why am I not getting paid? The rest of my Oscar coverage will have to wait until later today.

Until then, here's a few pics from the show.

If you watched, what did you think?

2012 Oscar Fashion
The Pastels

Kate Mara
It's a really pretty dress, but I think I would like it better if it had cap sleeves.

Missi Pyle
What a gorgeous color!
Fun Fact: This dress is 100% green and eco-friendly.

Berenice Bejo
I wasn't a fan of the hair or dress.
The mint green is a pretty color, but the dress ages her.

Giuliana Rancic
Eh, I like parts of this. It's just alright.

Penelope Ann Miller
This dress is really pretty.
I think it would have looked better on a brunette though.

Cameron Diaz
Yet another dress we've seen.
Any why can't Cameron ever do anything with her hair?

2012 Oscar Fashion
White, Silver + Sparkle

Kelly Ripa
This is a great dress, but it's a bit casual for the Oscars.
Speaking of the Oscars, anyone know why she was there?

Gwyneth Paltrow
I liked this on the red carpet, but the cape threw me off.
When she presented later without the cape, I fell in love.
This dress is cut beautifully. It's simple, classic and gorgeous.

Octavia Spencer
This dress suits Octavia perfectly. Great color. Great fit.

Milla Jovovich
First of all, Milla is drop dead gorgeous.
Second of all, this Ellie Saab dress is amazing.
This was her first time at the Oscars.
Great hair. Great makeup. Great dress. Well done, Milla.

Shailene Woodley
A lot of people on Twitter loved this dress.
I just can't get on board.
It's totally blah.
You're 20. Show some skin.

Jennifer Lopez
I love J.Lo. I really do.
But, you're older and a mother of two.
Even though your body is bangin' and you're breathtakingly beautiful, there's this thing called... mystery.
You don't have any.

Mara Rooney
I hated this at first.
Then, after seeing her three or four times, I almost started to like it.
I think if the bust of the dress didn't have eyelids, it might be ok.
It seriously looks like her eye boobs are blinking.

2012 Oscar Fashion

Wendi McLendon-Covey
This dress is really pretty, but it doesn't wow me.

Melissa McCarthy
I love that she wore a lighter color.
The dress is great from the waist up, but the bottom is just so... wrinkly.

Kristen Wiig
I feel like we've seen this dress a million times.
Plus, it's totally the wrong color. Brighter and bolder would have been better.

Maya Rudolph
I love this dress on Maya. The color and fit are perfect.

Ellie Kemper
I really can't get past the fact that her hair matches her dress.

Rose Byrne
The front is boring, but the back is fabulous.
Rose has taken some tips from Ms. Jolie. Fierce.