February 13, 2012

2012 Grammy Fashion
B-O-Y-S Boys

Mario Lopez


LL Cool J

Billy Ray Cyrus

Jason Aldean

Tony Bennett

Adam Levine

Bruno Mars

That Mario Lopez looks nice in a suit.
Shaggy makes me think of high school.
Adam looks nice in a suit too.
I adore Bruno Mars, but it seriously looks like he's not wearing socks.


Christina said...

Adam looks goooood. I didn’t like LL’s look.

Xazmin said...

He's not wearing socks! I died when I saw this and made fun of him out loud to my son.

He looks like a poofy-haired sockless midget!

Clicked over here from Impulsive Addict!

Anonymous said...

Shaggy makes me think of high school too!! I love Adam's suit...sharp!

Mrs. M said...

Mario and Adam look hot!

Karen M. Peterson said...

People need to buy Bruno's album so he can afford some socks!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Billy Ray is looking so much better.. he must have a new stylist. No socks = not too big of a deal in my book IF you have on longer pants or a casual suit [Mike didn't wear socks @ our wedding]. BUT for red carpet like the Grammy's let's wear socks fellas!

Dana said...

Jason Aldean, yes please!