March 02, 2012

A Hit, A Miss + A Hot Mess, Vol. 2

Today, I'm featuring dresses worn to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Hit - Kate Beckinsale
I think Kate's dress is a hit because it's not a solid color, it fits and it's different.

Miss - Claire Danes
Normally, Claire chooses better. I think this dress is just too much.

Hot Mess - Mena Suvari
Mena looks like she's wearing an unfinished craft project. It's just u-g-l-y.


Unknown said...

Don't like the shoes on Mena either. When your long monkey toes hang over the front edge of your shoe, pick a different style.

TLF said...

Oh, I want to be reborn as Kate B.!!!

Mrs. M said...

Love that dress on Kate - so pretty!

Macey said...

Mena is SO freaking weird.
Kate is always a WIN. :)

Unknown said...

Totally agree....surprise surprise!!

Kate B looks so fabulous in that dress. Claire Danes - who I love - is overdressed for an after-party. Mena Suvari looks plain scary, what on earth is going on with that dress, seriously!!

Loving this series :)

Adie said...

Mena's dress is just plain weird!

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, Mena is a HOT MESS! It reminds me of Bjork!

Christina said...

I really love Mena's hair and makeup but that dress is awful. Kate Beckinsale never, ever looks bad! I wasn't feelin' Claire's look at all.

Chay Chay said...

yes Kate is WEARING that dress!
It's sexy, but still leaves enough for the goes well with her hair color as well...she's gorgeous!
Mena Suvari looks like a goose exploded all over her lol

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Eeeeeeek, Mena's dress is crazy! Love the shoes though!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Mena looks like she got swallowed by a goose.

Unknown said...

Kate nailed that dress - so sexy!! I don't think Mena's dress is too bad ... she obviously could have done better, but sometimes a girl just needs to live out her fantasies of being a swan, or a cloud, or a pillow full of feathers. Let's not judge.

Ha ha ha ha!!!