April 26, 2012

Celebrity Quotes
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy recently sat down with Parade magazine. She told the mag she has a six month rule when it comes to dating. In the ten years since her divorce, her son has only met two men. "I don't introduce my son to anybody unless someone makes it six months."

I think this is a great rule to have, especially if you know a relationship isn't going anywhere.

Kids don't need to meet booty calls or flings.

They need to meet the real men who are going to stay and be in it for the long haul.


Crystal Renee said...

Thank you Jenny! I agree. It makes me angry, pissed even at women who have their kids calling every tom, dick, & harry daddy. No respect. NONE!!!

Christina said...

Totally agree. It's refreshing when celebs do it right! I love that first purple dress!!!

Myra said...

I like her! This makes me appreciate her even more!

TLF said...

Heck yeah.. Love her! I miss Singled Out! haha!!

Alicia xoxxo said...

no one can rock a bob like jenny!

Natalie said...

AMEN! I may have dated my share of guys in college, but my boys only met 2. The first one ended up being a 3 year relationship & the other one is now my husband.

One of my biggest pet peeves are women that parade men in & out of their kid's lives like it's nothing.

Unknown said...

as a formerly single mom with four kids, I totally agree. It's confusing for them.

Nikosmommy said...

I think JM is right on this one...it's just too bad that she can't settle down with the right guy already!? (guess it's not that easy...)
Something tells me she's a bit of a handful to date!
have a great weekend Mama! :)