April 25, 2012

Office Fashion in the Elevator

I've been taking iPhone pics of my outfits in the elevator of my office building. I usually take them after lunch which is why you'll see me with sunglasses on my head and a drink in my hand.

Things I feel I should point out...

1. The elevator mirror apparently makes my boobs look bigger than they really are.
2. I really should start doing something different with my hair.
3. I need to change my purse out more.
4. I have a slight addiction to sweet tea from Sonic.

Left - Old Navy dress, Target flats + sunnies + bag
Right - Target dress, Payless heels, JustFab bag

Left - Old Navy dress, Target heels
Right - Target head-to-toe

Left - Target head-to-toe
Right - NY&Co top, Target skirt + heels

Left - Charming Charlie dress, Target cardi + flats
Right - Target top, NY&Co pants, Scarves.net scarf

Left - Body Shop top, Target skirt + heels
Right - Lulu's dress, Target cardi + sandals

So, are my elevator pics totally awesome or totally lame?


Sunkissed and Southern said...

elevator = totally awesome! i love that old navy dress. i tried it on for my nautical party and i was way too bootylicious for it. :(

Unknown said...

Totally awesome!

I love your outfits. I wish I had reason to dress nice. Ok, ok.. really I wish I had a reason to get out of my pj's! =)

I pink puffy heart Sonic, but it's their caramel Java Chillers that do me in.

Myra said...

Um hello. You look super fab! I love all your Target dresses. I get mine there too :) Can't beat 'em!

Allena said...

I love that you are wearing pants in 1 picture. I almost never wear pants (except jean Friday!!), but I'm getting a little tired of my dresses. I saw some new super cute ones at Target last time I was there, but I didn't want to drag the munchkin into the dressing room... Can't wait to go back!

Olivia Carter said...

Love the elevator pics! Huge fan of the blue stripe dress too- so cute!

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Haha awesome. I especially love the faces you pull :) Very cute outfits!

TLF said...

Your hair totally needs a bump.. just sayin'!

"Don't bump my bump!" Hahahaha.. that's what I always tell Chris about my hair!

Christina said...

Totally awesome. I think it’s such a fun way to show your OOTD. I love all your dresses, especially the first two. Your facial expressions are awesome!

Meghan said...

SUCH cute dresses! Like, every single one!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

elevator = awesome!! i need to clear a path to my full-length mirror so i don't always have to take pictures in the bathroom from the waist up...my pants get sadly ignored.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think it's super fun! I wish I had a full length mirror at work to do this in... then again I don't dress up often for work so maybe it's better that I don't. It's really fun. I am sort of looking forward to the ease of a smart phone so I can do stuff like this - jazz up my blog a bit! And hold myself accountable to A) dress up and B) lose weight ... pictures would force me to face myself all the time!


Karen M. Peterson said...

Seeing all of these fabulous outfits makes me realize my wardrobe really needs some help. And some dresses.