May 13, 2012

2012 Met Gala Fashion
Flower Girls

Rashida Jones, Tory Burch
I would like the dress if it didn't have any straps.
Is it dressy enough though?

Shailene Woodley, Christopher Kane
I actually kind of like this.
It's young and fun which is perfect for Shailene.

Hailee Steinfeld, Prada
I like this color on Hailee.
She looks pretty.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Valentino
I don't love the floral print, but I'll give her a pass.
She's Carrie freakin' Bradshaw.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think SJP's dress looks like they took the fabric from an old chair and made it into a dress. I'm giving her a pass too... Carrie F-in Bradshaw fo' sho!

Christina said...

I thought Rashida’s dress was very her, kind of hippie-like. It’s pretty, but yeah, not for this event. I didn’t like anyone else’s here. Hailee is adorable though.