May 02, 2012

Whistle While You Work

I'm a Mortgage Post Closer. I spend my days looking for and correcting mistakes before we ship and sell our loans on the secondary market. I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense to you. It barely does to me. Occasionally I get to visit processors, loan officers and underwriters to help me with problems. Most of the time, I sit at my desk under a pile of papers. I hardly ever use the phone. I email people all day for the things I need. I occasionally get up to make copies and grab more caffeine. I'm busy from the moment I sit down until it's time to go home. To keep from going insane, I listen to music while I work. I keep headphones in my desk drawer and plug in as soon as I get settled. Here are the albums I've been listening to on constant rotation for the last couple of weeks.

1. Gotye, Making Mirrors
2. fun., Some Nights
3. Ellie Goulding, Lights
4. Dev, The Night The Sun Came Up
5. Marina and the Diamonds, Electra Heart
6. Foster the People, Torches
7. The Hunger Games, Songs from District 12 and Beyond
8. Lana Del Ray, Born to Die

So, tell me, who are you listening to these days?


Christina said...

Good tunes! I love Ellie Goulding. I don't feel like she gets enough recognition. I just bought Alex Clare and kinda love it.

TLF said...

I miss you on gchat!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I clearly need to expand my ears because only a few of these made any sense to me!

I have become obsessed with Eddie Vedder's new solo album - OBSESSED! And I can't stop listening to it. Makes me want to go to the beach, like yesterday!

Nikosmommy said...

Look at you go, all eclectic and stuff with your music!!!!
Great taste missy..I too love Ellie Goulding, Foster the People and Gotye!
Sorry to hear that there isn't more interaction with people at your job...I think I'd lose my mind? I'll bet this is part of the reason why you write such great content on your blog...

Karen M. Peterson said...

Your job makes total sense to me because it's the same job my mom used to do at a company out here. Until they closed the California office and moved to Michigan.

Anyway, those sound like some great albums. I've been looking for some new music.