June 29, 2012

Hey! I ♥ Duck Dynasty, y'all.

If people repeatedly rave about a tv show or book, I tend to jump on the bandwagon. I just don't like to feel left out. One thing that kept popping up on Facebook was Duck Dynasty. At first, I didn't even know if it was a person, place or thing. I finally learned it was a tv show on A&E. I heard about a marathon, grabbed the DVR remote and recorded every single episode. Five minutes into the first one, I immediately understood what all the fuss was about. So, do you or anyone you know watch Duck Dynasty? It's seriously the best reality show on television.

"The Robertson family and bad ideas go together like biscuits and jam." -- Willie

"Most people named Willie are either in prison or on the arm wrestling circuit." -- Jase

"I want my grandkids to grow up in the great outdoors.
The last thing I want is for them to grow up to be nerds." -- Phil

"First it's pretty tires, then it's pretty guns. Next thing you know, you're shaving
your beard and wearing capri pants. It's a sissy spiral." -- Si

June 22, 2012

I may have given birth
to the next Tawny Kitaen.

Little Bit loves to play dress up. She especially loves to play dress up with my clothes and shoes. Today, she paired this hot pink v-neck tee with my black ShoeDazzle hooker boots. She then asked me to take a few pictures. The poses you see are all her. She gave me a new look each time the camera clicked. I don't know whether to be worried, proud or both. Once The Hero sees these, the worry will kick in. Until then, I'll smile knowing I made this gorgeous, mini rockstar.

You are the sun
You are the only one
You are so cool
You are so rock and roll
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen

-- The Subways, Rock & Roll Queen

June 21, 2012

2012 Project 52
Movies + Hair

7. See 8 movies in the theater. 5/8
2012 is turning out to be a great year for movies. In addition to The Hunger Games and The Avengers, which I already blogged about, I've seen three other films in the theater bringing my total to five.

6. Watch 15 movies from my Netflix list. 12/15
Twelve out of fifteen... Look at me go!

43. Cut & color my hair regularly because it's fun!
This marks the second time I've gotten my hair done this year.
I cut off over five inches.
Do you love it?
I do!

I have a long way to go, but I should be able to knock off quite a few items this summer.

June 19, 2012

Meet Jane

My 2001 Nissan Altima had been giving me trouble the last couple of years. In recent weeks, she decided she simply couldn't take it any more. We were looking at repair costs of at least $2000. So, we decided to go car shopping instead. I didn't think I'd be able to afford a brand new car, but with the help of my persistent husband and in-laws I left the dealership with exactly what I wanted. This is Jane, my 2012 Nissan Rogue. She's the first brand new car I've ever owned. Ain't she pretty?

In case you were wondering, Jane's named after two of my favorite tv bad asses.

Jane Rizzoli & Patrick Jane

June 18, 2012

The Talk of Tinseltown
Crazycakes + Cruise

Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland is expecting her first child with husband Justin Miller. The two were married almost seven months ago.

Jack Osbourne has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This comes two weeks after the birth of his first child. Some people with MS only have minor problems while others become seriously disabled. Either way, this is tragic news for any young person.

For Eddie Cibrian's 39th birthday, LeAnn Rimes got him a birthday cake showcasing his favorite things. There was a Lakers jersey, a Bronco, a paddle board, and two boys modeled after his sons. On top of the cake, you can find Eddie and LeAnn in bed together. I'm sorry, but isn't that a little inappropriate? One can only hope that his kids weren't around to see this. Awkward!

The highly-anticipated film, Rock of Ages, underwhelmed at the box office this weekend. The movie only made $15.1 million even though Tom Cruise's performance is getting rave reviews. I'm not rushing to the theater to see it. I might Redbox it later.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have revealed that the baby they're having via a gestational surrogate is a boy. These two have been through so much. I'm so glad they're having a baby!

The Talk of Tinseltown is brought to you today by...

Jenny McCarthy

Father's Day via Instagram

June 11, 2012

Blogging from my phone

Internet issues at home. Will be back at it by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I got a new car! You'll meet her soon.

June 04, 2012

2012 MTV Movie Awards Fashion
The Lasses

Charlize Theron

Christina Ricci


Elizabeth Banks

Mila Kunis

Nikki Reed

Shailene Woodley

Victoria Justice

Ellie Kemper

Emma Watson

Jessica Biel

Julianne Hough

Kristen Stewart

Leighton Meester

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Emma Stone

Paris & Nicky Hilton

Charlize's dress is plain, but she looks amazeballs.
I really like Victoria's look.
Ellie's dress & pumps are super cute for summer.
I don't love Jessica's bangs, but I actually like the dress & heels.
I don't know what Leighton is wearing exactly, but I don't like it.
Emma looks fab. Love the heels!
Nicky needs a spray tan & a burger.