September 21, 2012

Friday's Fancies
Football Frenzy

Today, I'm linking up for the first time with {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies. This Friday's theme is football frenzy. We're some college football loving fools down south. In our house, we root for the Florida State Seminoles. Tallahassee is a long way from Memphis, so we don't always make it to a game every year. This year, we plan to make the trip at least once. I found this dress a couple of weeks ago while searching for game day dresses. I found several others I liked, but kept coming back to this one. It just looks like me. I'm really digging the ruched sleeves and its throwback colors. I can get away with wearing sandals since it'll still be warm in Florida.

Thanks for the personalized banner, Alison!

How cute would I look in this? Very. Very. Very. Cute.

dress // bracelet // sandals // scarf // bag


Christina said...

Football dresses? Awesome. I love football gear because it's so cozy!

Terri Frankenberger said...

Love.. And of course I love that bracelet! ;)

jill said...

You bet!

Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven said...

SO cute. I love the sleeves on that dress - makes it SO much more girlie than just a tshirt dress with a logo on it! I adore how the South gets SO into dressing up for games. LOVE IT! It's too cold up north but even when it's warm, girls still just rock jeans and tshirts. I'm already seeking out the perfect "ball gown" for my trip to Oxford for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game in 2013 - Mike has promised we have to go because Oxford tailgates are amazing - but dressing up is a must! When the women use fine china to serve their food on, you know it's a party! ;)