October 02, 2012

The Funny Things My Kids Say

Little Bit
"Birds live in nests. Monkeys live in holes."

Little Man to Little Bit
"Little Bit, is your soccer coach a boy or a girl?"
"Uh, he's a man!"

Little Man
After looking at a plastic container I bought at Target...
"Why is everything made in China?"

Little Man
Before a goldfish funeral...
"Do some fish go to hell?"
I replied with, "No, all animals go to Heaven.
"Well, all zombies go to Hell."

Never a dull moment in my house.


Christina said...

Hahaha! Zombies totally go to hell.

Macey said...

But what about zombie FISH?! lol

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Too cute for words!!!

Was this one of the new fish?

Olivia Carter said...

Ha! So cute! I love the things kiddos say!

TLF said...

Love those kids!