October 01, 2012

The Talk of Tinseltown
Baby Tennessee

Anne Hathaway married her boyfriend of four years over the weekend. It was a private ceremony in Big Sur, California with only family and close friends in attendance. The bride wore a custom Valentino gown.

Lindsay Lohan had some people hanging out in her hotel room over the weekend. Reportedly, a guy she just met was trying to take pics of her and her friends on the down low. When she confronted him, he attacked her. Lindsay called police and had him arrested. All charges were later dropped against the guy because police couldn't find sufficient evidence to support Lindsay's claims. Just another day in Lohan Land.

Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed a baby boy on Friday. They named him Tennessee James. This Tennessee gal actually likes this name. Since I'm fairly certain they won't actually call him Tennessee, I wonder what they will call him. Tenn? James? TJ? Steve?

Justin Bieber threw up on stage in the middle of a concert this weekend, recovered quickly and kept on singing. That's one way to do it. What a trooper!

Tori Spelling underwent emergency surgery back on September 18 due to complications from her recent c-section. She was in the hospital for a week, but is back home recovering. Get well soon, Tori.

Malin Akerman is expecting her first child with husband Roberto Zincone. She's definitely taller than her hubby. I wonder if she's wearing heels.

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Unknown said...

Did you see Anne Hathaway's wedding head-dress? Gorgeous dress but I have no idea what she was thinking putting that on her head!!

Love the name Tennessee, but yes surely they will have to shorten it.

Loving that photo of Pamela, made me laugh!!

Have a great week :)

Allena said...

I love Reese. She looks amazing pregnant, I hope when I'm full-term (28 weeks now) I look that good. Given how I looked with my son...not likely, ha!

Christina said...

I vote for Steve! Haha! I didn't even know Malin was married. I love her.

Natalie said...

I go back & forth w/ the Tennessee name. Yes, I like it in theory, but no so much in reality.

And like Kelly on FB, I wouldn't be able to NOT sing the Arrested Development song to him all day long.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna have nightmares from that last photo. ugh

Macey said...

I kinda like the name Tennessee too! :)
Um. That chick...I HOPE she's wearing heels, but unless they're 6 inch heels she's at least only as tall as him. Whoa.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

when i first read it, i was all "tennessee?? that's...ODD, reese". but now i'm digging it more!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, my US Weekly subscription expired....so I am going to lean on your from now on! This is some juicy juice!! ;) And Tennessee??? What in the heck??

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love his name too. I think it's great. Way better than London or something to that nature - I think Tennessee just has a nice ring to it. Being that Reese calls TN home I think it's sweet. I think TJ would be a grew name but I also love Tenn!

Yay for Anne she had us all fooled :)

Mrs. Match said...

Love the name Tennessee-and I think Tenn would be a cute nickname, or TJ.

The beib is pretty cool-I like that he kept on going. Poor guy!

AMY said...

HI Misty! Sorry I haven't stopped by in such a long long time. I sure missed the tinseltown updates.
I Love the name Tennessee!
I didn't know Malin was married? Thats great that they are having a baby!
Lindsay is a Whack-job!