October 22, 2012

The Talk of Tinseltown
Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Uma Thurman and her fiance Arpad Busson announced the name of their newborn daughter. Take a deep breath and say it with me. It's Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. They're going to call her Luna. Why in the hell would you do this to a child? It's never going to fit on a form.

Drake, actor turned rapper, recently earned his GED at the age of 25. Drake dropped out of high school to work full-time as an actor to help out his struggling family. Kudos to Drake for going back to school even though he's already made it big.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got hitched on Friday. They wed at the Borgo Egnazia, a hotel complex in Italy. The ceremony was kept a secret until the last minute. Guests were flown to Germany before arriving in Italy. The couple has given an exclusive to People. The magazine hits newsstands Wednesday.

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and has been banned for life from cycling. Eleven of his former teammates testified against him, some claiming they were forced to take banned substances. He's said to have used extreme measures to pass drug tests including blood transfusions. Dang, Lance, didn't your mama teach you that cheaters never win? Of course, I'm assuming the allegations are true. Currently, Lance is denying all of this.

Multiple media outlets are saying Adele and her boyfriend welcomed a baby boy on Friday. There has been no official confirmation as of yet.

Ashley Greene dyed her gorgeous locks a funky red on Friday. I guess we all need a change from time to time. I don't love this, but it's hair. She can change it back.

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Macey said...

Omagah! He was stripped of them all?! What a loser. Still. Those bike seats hurt like hell...hasn't he already paid enough?!

SharleneT said...

I'm glad that Drake got his GED. He's very young to have made it big and that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to last. Take the time to look at the casts on the Turner classic network and most of them needed something to fall back on because they were one-hit wonders. I hope he takes it further and get some college under his belt.

Congratulations to Justin and his bride. To keep it private at least gives you the illusion that they are really in love – but, then, they did give an exclusive to the media.

Always enjoy your posts. Come visit when you can.

TLF said...

Holy baby name!
& Lance.. What were you THINKING??!

Makaila said...

I know he's denying it, but to be stripped of all his medals indicates some strong, um.. Proof. I have to admit, I am a little disgusted by it all. Especially being as he has hid behind "Livestrong" for so many years. Shake my Head, 10 times over this one..

Christina said...

Yay Drake! Yay Adele! I read somewhere that Justin & Jessica's wedding was the third most expensive ever, behind Will & Kate and Kim & Kris. Whoa. I thought they were humble. I can't wait to see the details. Stupid, Stupid Lance. I totally believe it. He'd keep fighting if he didn't do it. And ALL those people can't be just out to get him. Why didn't Uma just name her kid Luna. She's an idiot.

Allena said...

Living in Austin, there are lots of mixed opinions about Lance. The evidence seems pretty damning. Regardless, he has raised a lot of money for cancer research and Livestrong will continue to do so (I think) without him. So that's good, right??

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with celebrities? It's like they name their children these ridiculous names on purpose!

Good for drake, love him.

Really shocked about Lance, never saw that coming.

AMY said...

UGH...The long-ass name is ridiculous! Even tho...I'm very happy for Uma!
I'm so sad about Lance Armstrong, I really really Loved him! What a disappointment to find out he cheated with drugging.

Yay for Justin and Jessica! I hate to say this, but I wonder how long the marriage will actually last?

Candice said...

Lance Armstrong really has BALL to do some shit like that!


Unknown said...

Uma... what. the. hell. Ridiculous! You are so right! That'll never fit on any forms! =)

Lance Armstrong must have been plum out of his gourd to have done all that stuff just to win a bike race. Blood transfusions? Ick. Still he's always going to be the dude who won seven Tour de France's to me.

Shelley said...

I still can't believe that about Lance. So disappointing! And wow, Ashley's hair!!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

ashley is one of those celebs who looks amazing on the red carpet, and like a weird hobo hipster the rest of the time!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Uma and her man are idiots. Why on earth would you do that to a kid? And furthermore... there isn't a single license plate with any of those names at Myrtle Beach. That child's bike will never have that cool license plate with their name on it... after all THAT is what kids all want at a young age right? Or was it just me?

I don't think I even knew that Adele was pregnant. Awesome!

Justin and Jessica - finally tied the knot... can't wait to see the details. I hope she didn't go all strange with her dress.

I wonder if Ashley is like Jaime from Hart of Dixie - in the off time she dyes her hair strange colors for the heck of it.. I think being Lemon B would totally mess with my head and I'd have to get WAY out of character on my off time too!

henning love said...

good luck to that child growing up with that name. i know celebrities try to be different but seriously for the child's sake keep their name simple!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm fully prepared for the possibility of being proven wrong, but I'm still sticking with Lance Armstrong. The people that accused him have a lot more to gain by accusing than he has of continuing to deny it at this point.

But, again, I AM prepared for it to be true.

I just really, really hope it isn't.