November 23, 2012

Black + Blue Friday

I won't be setting foot in a single store this Black Friday because

1. I'm working.
2. That shit cray.

Seriously, what possesses people to do this? I get that there are some incredible deals, but unless an entire bedroom suit is less than $300, Kid Rock will be there signing autographs and there's free Hostess orange cupcakes, you can count me out every single time. You couldn't pay me to set my alarm to shop alongside people throwin' bows. In Memphis, we have this neighborhood called Frayser. It's where I grew up. Needless to say, I'd have to get Frayser on some folks. Translation: break out the white trash. Believe me, we all have an inner white trash girl just dying to get out from time to time. For me, she's rarely seen or heard, but if you cut me off in traffic or shove me in a store, IT'S ON! One of these days, she might get me arrested.

So, if you shop on Black Friday, what the hell do you buy?


Unknown said...

You do make me laugh!! X

Allena said...

All the same sales are online, makes no sense to me to get up!

Meghan said...

Hahahahahaha! I love that pic, and girl, I am so with you. I've never been shopping on Black Friday, because I think I'd cut a bi%ch!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I went last year for the same reason people go to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. Once was enough.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I keep saying this every year.. I wonder if it will change when I have children, but I doubt it.

I would rather pay $15 more for an item AFTER the door buster sale, and not have to deal with the grief that is shopping with these people.

Note: We went to Target yesterday for essentials. (Read: Toilet paper and beer)... it was after the big rush but we still parked FAR away. I said I would rather walk than deal with the crazy peeps. We made it out unscathed but still people were still crazy in there.

Dude... I get it, but I don't get it. I really think it's crazy. And the best deals are mostly on electronics IMO.

I'm with you... if Eddie Vedder was there (which he never would be) I'd walk on TOP of people to get to him, but a new TV... not thanks.

Macey said...

NO WAY IN HELL. I wouldn't do it. Couldn't do it.

Christina said...

I went to Target one year at like 2:00pm so most of the crazies were gone, but the lines were so out of control it wasn't worth anything I had in my basket. People are ridiculous.