November 26, 2012

The Talk of Tinseltown
Death + Taxes

During the filming of Scary Movie 5, Lindsay Lohan opened up to Charlie Sheen about her financial troubles. She told him she owed the IRS a substantial amount in back taxes. In recent weeks, Charlie sent Lindsay's financial manager a $100,000 check to help get the government off her back. That Charlie Sheen is one heck of a guy!

Taylor Swift has once again bounced back with a new man. Now, she's dating Harry Styles from One Direction. She's already looking at houses in his neighborhood. Has the girl not learned anything? She bought a house across the street from her last boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, and I think they broke up less than a month later. I'm all for love and happiness, but when you're young... IT'S OK TO TAKE THINGS SLOW!

Billy Ray Cyrus is planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his hit "Achy Breaky Heart" by releasing a revamped version. I wonder if he'll bring the extra long mullet back too?

Larry Hagman, best known for his role as J.R. Ewing on Dallas, passed away this weekend at the age of 81. I always thought Mr. Hagman was one cool, bad ass old dude. His costar Patrick Duffy said, "He was a fighter in the gentlest way, against his obstacles and for his friends. I wear his friendship with honor."

Halle Berry's baby daddy and fiance got into a huge brawl on Thanksgiving Day. Her ex Gabriel Aubry was arrested, and she's currently seeking a permanent restraining order against him. Both men went to the ER with injuries. Halle's had some serious bad luck with men. Maybe she can finally get her happy ending with Oliver Martinez.

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TLF said...

I wish Charlie Sheen would help me out with my back owed taxes.. Sheesh!

Unknown said...

Seriously, Taylor Swift!? I give it 2 months before she's writing an angry song about him too.

Macey said...

Taylor Swift needs to take some hints and tips from Halle. :/
Achey Brakey Heart. Makes my head hurt.

Betsy said...

Taylor Swift is out of her mind if she buys another house next to a new boyfriend! I am also SO sad about Larry Hagman. I LOVE Dallas.(old and new) It won't be the same without him. :(

Whitney Alison said...

There is that ecard that says' One of Taylor Swifts's exs should write a song that says 'maybe you're the problem', and I totally agree. Homegirl....needs some alone time, and a counselor. And I love me some Charlie.

Mrs. Match said...

Oh Taylor. She's very impulsive isn't she? I would love to see her happy, but she still seems a little young and immature for that. Plus what guy would date her, knowing their personal life is going to end up a song someday? That'd be a total turn off for me!

Uck, Lindsay Lohan needs for people to stop bailing her out all the time. Let her drown in her own mistakes!

Candice said...

There's something baaaad wrong with Taylor swift. She and Emily Maynard just need to become lesbian lovers and be done with men.

HollywoodHasMe said...

Lindsay Lohan has a horseshoe up her ass.The girl is a heavy addict,is still alive,and had Charlie Sheen pay off a debt she could have paid herself had she perhaps sold some of her belongings,or moved into a more modest home.

As for Liz And Dick ? That Lifetime movie was such a joke.Lindsay Lohan essentially got paid to do what she does daily,which is party,but it got televised for a movie.

Trust me,she looked sloshed in all the scenes,looked like she was not even acting,just being herself,my good this movie was such a mockery and a disgrace to a legend.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor ,poor woman must have been rolling in her grave.

Besides the script being horribly written,and making Liz out to be a
drunken diva,the acting was horrible,and Lindsay Lohan put the last nail in her career coffin.

Lindsay Lohan was the wrong person to portray a legend such as
Elizabeth Taylor.

Shame on Lifetime,they should have known better than to hire the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan for one of their made for TV movies.

I did not have high expectations of the movie,hearing it was heavily panned by critics before televised,but I was blown away at how horrible the movie was,the acting,script,just everything was so bad.

I will think twice before watching another Lifetime movie,and pray that Lindsay Lohan gets help soon,as she is not only a danger to herself with her many bad habits,but a danger to others,especially because she drives.

Great post.Take care.

HollywoodHasMe said...

Sorry for a few of my typos there,but yes,Liz and Dick struck a bad chord with me.

What a disgrace to a legend like
Elizabeth Taylor.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

When I first heard about Larry aka JR my first thought was, who shot him this time? So wrong I know... but I can't lie... it's totally what I thought.

Taylor is the clingy girlfriend... totally. I had read a joke somewhere that someone said... maybe someone should write a song about her that says "Maybe you're the problem?" Bless her young little heart. I love the girl but she needs to give it a rest.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Poor Taylor. She doesn't know how crazy she is.

Christina said...

Isn't Harry 18 too? Taylor is just creepy now. I don't feel bad for her anymore for being unlucky in love. There's a reason guys keep breaking up with her. Stop falling in love on your second date, stalker.

I'm kind of impressed by Charlie.

Natalie said...

I can appreciate Taylor Swift b/c she's a decent role model for the kid. She keeps her clothes on, her songs have clean lyrics, etc. BUT I get the impression that if she weren't making bajillions writing heartbreak songs, she would be a sorority girl in college seeking the elusive MRS degree.