December 13, 2012

Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint!

I haven't linked up with MamaKat in forever, but one of this week's prompts inspired me. What is a trend I can't stand? Hi, my name is Misty. I like to break rules, so instead of one trend I can't stand, I'm sharing three. I apologize in advance because many of you love these things. We can still be friends, but I won't be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon ever.

Apparently this girl is going against her Southern heritage by not loving monograms, but I haven't a care in the world. Dare to be different, I say! If you know me well, you already know my initials. If you don't know me, do you really care about the 3-letter necklace I'm rocking? Or do you spend the afternoon hours wondering if MCM is Mary Margaret Cooper, Mindy Moonrise Chalk or could it be... Melanie Mayonnaise Chesterfield?! Know what I mean, Vern?

There's mustache birthday parties, mustache sunglasses, mustache holiday cards, and even fingerstache tattoos. Why are mustaches everywhere these days? I just don't get it.

Real Housewives
I don't watch a lot of reality tv. If Simon Cowell, Julie Chen and the Robertson boys aren't involved, I'm not watching. I keep up with celebrity news, so I know enough about these shows to know I don't want to watch. And besides, if you've seen one, haven't you seen them all?

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Macey said...

You. Are. UN-American!


Unknown said...

That clip is hilarious, I've just been watching it for about 5 mins!!

Monograms...yup, me too!

Unknown said...

Is it acceptable if I just say "DITTO!" ??

Shelley said...


MommyLisa said...

Ha ha. Funny. The RH's shows are pretty similar, but some are just juicier than others.

TLF said...

Monograms, don't play.
Mustaches, don't get it.
The Housewives, don't know what you're missing!.

Natalie said...

I've only seen ONE kid party with the mustache theme that I liked. The rest? Meh. I don't get it.
Mono's? Love. I have an entire gallery wall dedicated to a mixture of C's & a few 5's.
Housewives? Nope.Nada.Never.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i only watch the real housewives of ATL, and i'm a total monogram whore.

southern VIP status!!

Mrs. Match said...

Girl we are two peas! I don't get the mustache craze, monograms are weird and I hate reality shows. I watch the soup where he makes fun of them and that's enough for me!

Christina said...

I agree with monograms and mustaches. I mostly hate monograms because my letters are ugly. Mustaches have to go! It's been years and only getting more popular. That means it's over, people! Sorta like cupcakes. Done!! I watch 2 out of the 46 Real Housewives shows and I can honestly say that they aren't all the same. I give each city a try, but only like NYC and BH. By the way, I LOOOOVE that gif.

Katie said...

Girl, yes. As I was looking at pinterest this morning I was thinking about how I don't understand the mustache thing! Makes no sense to me. Plus why does it have to be on everything? Coffee mugs, coffee coozies, purses, WHY?!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

And THIS is why I love you. I agree 100%

I only like monograms on jewelry, that's it. Don't purchase me monogram ANYTHING else. Lots of women wanted to get me towels and crap for our wedding and I put a stop to that shizz REAL quick!

I requested a necklace for Christmas but that's about it... again ONLY jewelry.

I am SO over mustache crap too!

And I've NEVER, EVER like the Real Housewives. I'm really over MOST reality TV at this point... enough is enough. I hate people that are famous for not doing jack shit but complaining and fighting and thinking they are fabulous.

Unknown said...

Before I even started reading this, I yelled "OMG MUSTACHES" at my desk. I see that we agree. Seriously WTF is up with mustaches? I know someone with a mustache finger tattoo. They have had it forever and now I feel kind of bad for them that mustaches have blown up like this.

OneMommy said...

Have to say I'm not into any of those either!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I agree with you on ALL of these, but especially Real Housewives. How anyone can stand to watch that crap is beyond me.

claire said...

I don't get the mustache thing, either! I see them everywhere-shirts, necklaces, tattoos, etc! I do think it's clever when its on the rim of a mug so it looks like you have one when you drink your coffee, but other than that, it's beyond me! And we'll have to agree to disagree on the other two :)