January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Ariel Winter
The dress isn't horrible.
It's not doing her hips any favors though.

Sienna Miller
I'm sorry, but this dress is hideous.
Her hair looks bad too.

Halle Berry
This wouldn't work on a lot of women, but I love it on her.
Great colors. Great print.

Lucy Liu
I want to hate this.
I'm not entirely sure I do though.
I would never wear it, but she makes it work.
And how cute is her hair?

Olivia Munn
Eh, I'm not really loving any of it.

Alyssa Milano
Is she pregnant again?
Let's hope this is why the dress is so unflattering.
The color's not working for her either.

Lena Dunham
Someone really needs to help her.
I'm not sure if the dress is plum or poop brown.
This in itself is a problem.
Also, it's super unflattering.

Taylor Swift

images via People & InStyle


Macey said...

Lena. Ugh.
Lucy blends in with the hedge!!

Candice said...

I totally agree with you on all of them except Lucy Lu. I'm right there with MiMi. LOL

I'm so over Taylor Swift. She looks like she left the corn cob up her ass!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think Lena's biggest problem was that no one taught her how to act like a girl in a dress or walk in heels.

Christina said...

I don't love Halle's boob(s) in that dress, but I like the print a lot. Lucy's looks like a Halloween costume. Ariel should go with something playful and cute, but her dress didn't seem polished enough. Olivia, Alyssa and Lena looked bad. Lena always looks bad. I think she does it on purpose. Taylor is annoying.