January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes Fashion
The Deep Blue Sea

Julie Bowen
I don't love this style dress, but she makes it work.
The color looks great on her.
She looked super fab on camera.

Jodie Foster
A lot of people love this, but I don't.
I really don't like her haircut either.

Sally Field
How great does Sally Field look?
She's got swag at 66.
Yep, swag.

Glenn Close
Another fishtail dress...
It's a great color on Glenn though.
She looks really pretty.

Morena Baccarin
Even though she's completely covered up, I like it.
It's different without being weird.
Love her glam hair and pink lips.

images via People and InStyle


Unknown said...

Morena is so beautiful, love that shade of blue on her.

Jodie Foster's dress was so dull, I didn't like her hair either.

Macey said...

Sally looks fantastic.

Christina said...

I think Julie's dress has way too much fabric. She's looking so skinny too. Everything here was boring to me. But yeah, Sally looks amazing at 66!