January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes Fashion
Hope Springs

Tina Fey
I love her hair and makeup, but the dress isn't great.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
I love the floral material.
I wish the design of the dress were different though.

Nicole Richie
The dress is gorgeous.
I could do without the matching blue eye shadow though.

Julianna Margulies
She wins the Most Improved award.
I wonder if she got a new stylist.
I love the dress and her overall look.
Good for you, Julianna!

Jenny from the Block
JLo always looks fierce on the red carpet.
I think she wore this dress to say, "IN YOU FACE BEN AFFLECK!"
It's gorgeous and sexy without being slutty.
Did you hear that, Katherine McPhee?

images via People & InStyle


Meghan said...

I was obsessed with Tina's hair and make-up! She looked AMAZING.

Unknown said...

I love Julianna Margulies, she does look great here.

Hated Nicole & J-Lo's dresses though....eek!!

Macey said...

I just don't like J-Lo. Ick.
Nicole looks 76 with that eyeshadow.

Candice said...

Nicole looked like she has aged 50 years. She normally looks pretty fresh faced. Now I just want to help her cross the street.

P.S. I hate J Lo.

claire said...

Finally! You are the first person I've read that liked JLo's dress! I freaking love it and want it! I don't know where the heck I'd wear it, but who cares! It's fabulous!

Christina said...

I wasn't impressed with Tina or Leslie's red carpet looks. They had much better dresses during the show. Tina's is a weird length. I thought the same thing about Nicole's blue eye shadow! Don't match it!! Her dress was great though. J.Lo is amazing. Always. I LOVED her dress.