January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes Fashion
Moonrise Kingdom

Amanda Seyfried
Her boobs ruined this dress for me.
They were smashed together, so you could see them through the lace part in the middle.
It's all I saw every time they showed her.
It looked like she had one giant boob.

Kristen Bell
I usually hate red carpet maternity gowns.
I quite like this one.
The top half is so pretty.
The bottom is flowy, but doesn't make her look like she's wearing a tent.

Rosario Dawson
I'm not a big fan of this color.
I also think the dress looks too old for her.

Hayden Panettiere
This is the only fishtail dress I really liked.
It looked gorgeous on tv with a lot of intricate details you can't see here.
I also love her pink clutch.

Jessica Chastain
I was really excited to see what Jessica would wear.
I don't like this dress at all.
I don't like the color or the shape.
I don't like her hair either.
So sad.

images via People & InStyle


Unknown said...

That light aquamarine colour is just so blah....I was disappointed by Jessica Chastain's dress, it does nothing for her boobs at all, so shapeless.

I never like Amanda Seyfried on the Red Carpet, she needs a new stylish IMHO.

Loved Kristin Bell's dress, lovely colour on her.

Rosario Dawson looks terrible in that dress, she's so beautiful, the dress is awful.

Macey said...

Rosario looks like she has one huge boob.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think that now, that all I can see is uni-boob, that my comment about Amanda's hair hiding too much of the dress is ok.

I don't like Kristen's dress. Yes, she's pregnant but she's also a lovely hollywood starlet. This seems so romeo and juliet to me. I would feel strangled in that dress. I adore her, but I didn't like the dress or her hair. :(

Love Hayden's dress - hate her "caboodles style" clutch.

Christina said...

Yes! Here's Kristen's dress. I really love that top. The color was pretty. She's just so awesome. I don't like Rosario, or Amanda's dresses. I agree, Jessica's whole look was bad. She can be soooo pretty and she can be kinda ugly. This was an ugly night. Hayden's was fun.