January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes Fashion
Silver Linings Playbook

Kerry Washington
I love Kerry, but I don't love this dress.

Thandie Newton
I'm all for a short dress, but I wish this one were longer.

Kathryn Bigelow
I don't like this color on her, and the dress is too long.

Helen Hunt
The dress is gorgeous!
However, this pale blonde desperately needs a pop of color to make it work.
Her lips.. Her nails.. A clutch.. Anything!

Carla Gugino
This dress looked really pretty on tv.
Even though it has a similar silhouette to thirty other dresses, it brings something different.

Mayim Bialik
The dress is really pretty, but something about it made her look big.
The high waist, maybe?

images via People & InStyle


Unknown said...

Thandie Newton is so gorgeous but yes, her dress should have been longer.

I hadn't seen Helen Hunt's dress anywhere, I really like it but yes, more colour or possibly sleeves.

Kerry Washington....I still can't decide on this one!

So many pretty purses and clutches last night, lots of pale & shiny colours, love them!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Carla looks amazing. The rest are rather ho hum.

Macey said...

Helen Hunt looks so old. Sad day.

Christina said...

Kerry's look was disappointing. She's usually so stunning. I didn't like one part of her look. I love Carla, and the color of her dress, but not the dress itself.