January 27, 2013

2013 SAG Awards Fashion
Black Betty

Even though there were pops of color, black reigned supreme on the SAG red carpet.

Elisabeth Moss

Anne Hathaway

Tina Fey

Amy Poehler

Julie Bowen

Jaimie Alexander

Morena Baccarin

Michelle Dockery

Naya Rivera

Claire Danes

Jenna Elfman

Angela Kinsey

Sigourney Weaver

Jane Lynch

Most of these dresses are horrible.
I think Elisabeth's dress is the best of the bunch, which isn't saying much.
Her heels are too plain though. They're for the office, not an awards show.
Anne's dress is fugly.
Amy looks really pretty, but I don't like her dress.
Is Julie Bowen in leather? No, just no.
Jaimie, Peter Facinelli's girlfriend, looked great until she turned. HELLO SIDEBOOB!
I don't like her shoes with the dress either.
I like some of Claire's dress, but could do without the odd sleeve, and I don't like her dark lips.
Sigourney's dress is just plain hideous.

all images via InStyle & People


Ginger said...

There isn't a single dress I love. I wish Elizabeth's dress was floor length. I liked Tina's dress until I noticed the weird curtain type fringe. Ugh! Lets see some color. :)

Mrs. Match said...

I think Tina Fey looked amazing, but most of that was due to her hair and makeup.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I like Claire's dress. Not sure why I'm so drawn to it. Sigourney looks like she covered a box in satin, WTF?

Christina said...

Tina looked great, but I feel like she does this look a lot. I dislike most of these, especially Anne, Julie, Sigourney, and Jane. I think Elisabeth looked too underdressed and Naya looks too sexy for an awards show.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Pretty much all of these are horrible. I liked the top of Anne's dress. Until I saw the bottom. Gag.

Makaila said...

ohmyword. UGGGLY! All of em! I never care much for Anne's dresses.. maybe it's the short do? So harsh.

And Sigourney. WHO LET HER WEAR THAT????