January 28, 2013

2013 SAG Awards Fashion
Florence Nightingale

Kerry Washington

Jayma Mays

Sofia Vergara

Rose Byrne

Jane Krakowski

Ariel Winter

Ellie Kemper

I'm disappointed with Kerry, Jayma & Sofia.
I don't like Rose's dress at all, but somehow it works on her. I think it's the hair and lips.
The top of Jane's dress doesn't fit right, and it's almost too peach. Maybe on a brunette?
Ariel's dress is too old for her. She's fifteen! {Happy birthday, Ariel!}
Ellie's is rather matronly too.

all images via InStyle & People


KatyK said...

I want to give Sophia credit for doing something slightly different. Like thank God for that, its just not working. Keri looks super severe for some reason. And WHO is Ariel's stylist?

Mommy Lisa said...

And what was with the cleavage on Julianne Moore?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Sophia looks lovely but her headlights are crooked.

Christina said...

I like Kerry and Sophia. Sophia is a bit boring, but she looks great. Rose looks terrible! I like the color of Jane's dress, but not really on her.

Karen Peterson said...

I like Kerry's gown, but I feel like it's too similar to what Anne Hathaway wore to the Golden Globes.

Makaila said...

Rose is gorg. Wow. And Kerry.. she is so striking, but agree- the dress isn't so grand.