February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Fashion
Bad As Me

Before last night's Grammys, CBS issued a dress code memo. It said buttocks and female breasts should be adequately covered and warned against see-through clothing and exposure of the genitals. I'm no prude, but I can understand the concern. There's no reason for me to see anyone's nips or vayjayjay when watching an awards show. There's a time and place for showing a lot of skin. Take True Blood for example. When I watch, I want to see lots and lots of skin.

The following ladies were allowed in, but definitely pushed the limits with their attire.

Skylar Grey
I don't like the dress or her hair.
And sideboob is never flattering in my opinion.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer joked that the memo said nothing about legs.
She's right. Technically, she's not breaking any rules because her boobs and butt are covered.
I don't like the shape of the dress or her hair.
Somehow, she still manages to look fierce and better than most.

Katy Perry
I almost never like what Katy Perry's wearing.
This time is no different.
She's got a great rack and always shows it off.
Over it!

Kelly Rowland
Even though Kelly's girls are out for everyone to see, I like it.
She looks great.

The dress is sheer, so you can see her undies.
Regardless, the dress is fugly.


Makaila said...

Kelly Rowland looked of the Hizzle!!!! DAAANG GIRL! She's been hitting the gym, hard. Obviously!

I would have liked Katy's dress better if she'd covered up those tata's!

Shelley said...


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

OH-EM-GEE J-LO we get it... you're older, you're hot, you popped out two kids, at the same time... Get over yourself. And is it just me? I can't stand tight top knots on the red carpet... it seems lazy to me. Not a fan.

I don't get Katy's choice... I think she needs to donate that to Busy Phillips.

I like Kelly's dress. Sure there's some boob but it's covered in mesh and a pattern... sort of a peek a boo. I'm ok with that.

I think giving these ladies RULES made them all want to see how far they could push it. Had CBS said nothing... they probably wouldn't have thought to wear most of this.

P.S. My sister-in-law was at the show last night, can you believe her luck!!! She's gone ever year for the past 3 years!!!

P.S.S. Please say you'll say something / show something about Carrie Underwood. Some friends were posting about her dress and other than the Red Carpet one I didn't see anything, did she preform? If they were "OOHING" over the red carpet dress, I'll be disappointed. I thought it was cute but not... WOW!

claire said...

Katy Perry is a yes for me, so is Kelly Rowland. Everyone else, no! J. Lo's hair ruined it for me!

Angie said...

I LOVED Kelly's dress! And surprisingly actually really liked Katy's too, but her boobs were just SO out there, it was hard to really focus on anything else LOL I thought Jennifer's was boring.

Christina said...

I didn't hear about the dress code. That's kinda funny! I don't like any of these. JLo looks like she's wearing a sheet. Katy's dress is terrible and she looks like Elvira! I do like her normal hair color and more natural makeup though. Kelly has been giving Beyoncé a run for her money lately. I like it!