February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Fashion
Kaleidoscope Dream

Kat Dennings
Considering how big Kat's boobs are, she did a great job covering them up.
The dress is rather unfortunate though.

I've been wanting Adele to wear a color.
I don't love the print, but she looks beautiful.

Natasha Bedingfield
It's not my favorite, but it did look great on tv.

Solange Knowles
I like the top half of the dress, but something's not working for me.
The slit, maybe?

Florence Welch
We're all thinking it.
I also don't like the fact that her clutch and shoes are the exact same color.

Esperanza Spalding
She's so pretty.
Why wear this crap?

The shape isn't bad, but the print is.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Florence needs to fire her machine... eek! She definitely pushes the envelope with fashion but I just... yep, Dinosaur-RAWR!

Shelley said...

No. Just no!

Christina said...

Kat's dress looks denim. Gross. Adele looks like she's wearing a dress made out of curtains, like in The Sound of Music. Haha! She looked so pretty though. Florence's dress looks like a fancy wetsuit. These are so ugly!