February 25, 2013

2013 Oscar Fashion
The Invisible War

Charlize Theron
It's really hard for me to hate on the dress because she's so pretty.
I don't love it, but it's certainly not awful.

Kristen Stewart
I don't like the dress or her hair.

Queen Latifah
She looks great in white.

Amanda Seyfried
I'm usually all about McQueen, but I don't love this on her.
Maybe on a brunette...

Octavia Spencer
It's a great color for her.
I just feel like the dress is too frou frou.

images via People & InStyle


Unknown said...

How hard can it be for someone to put a hairbrush through Kristen Stewart's hair, seriously?!

Totally agree about Charlize & Amanda....both looks just lacked something for me.

Loved Octavia, she looks so good on the Red Carpet, I love that.

Unknown said...

I saw Kristen Stewart in the background during an interview and I instantly knew it was her. Why can she not do something with that hair?

MommyLisa said...

Just stop inviting Kristen Stewart. She is an idiot.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I like all of these except Kristen's. But I'm pretty much guaranteed to dislike anything she wears just because she's there.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Amanda does very little wrong in my book - I love the dress but agree a brunette it would pop much more with that hair color vs. Amanda's pale skin and hair.

Christina said...

I didn't love Charlize's dress either, but she looked so good overall, it didn't matter. Kristen's dress was ill-fitting. I didn't mind her hair. It looked brushed for once. I thought Amanda looked great.

SH said...

Love Amanda's dress! Great recap :)

Happy Monday!

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