February 25, 2013

2013 Oscar Fashion
Beasts of the Southern Wild

The hottest trend at this year's Oscars...


Chris Evans

Chris Pine

Jean Dujardin

Bradley Cooper

Hugh Jackman

George Clooney

Ben Affleck

Affleck wins Best Beard, hands down.

images via People & InStyle


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

*AFFLECK* *FAINT* I love him.

I think George looks too old with his beard, he's not quite up to that status in my book yet, he needs to leave that to Sean C.

Unknown said...

I noticed this at the BAFTAS in London a couple of weeks ago, beards were everywhere!!

Totally agree that Ben A looks very handsome with his....as does Jean DuJardin.

Not sure about Gorgeous George and his??

And Bradley Cooper may be the Sexiest Man In The World but he just looked a little greasy to me last night, too slick! I prefer him clean shaven please :)

Unknown said...

I love Bradley Cooper, but I couldn't stop staring at his mom's interesting ensemble.

Ben and Jen are so cute!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I totally agree. It's all about Brad. But I do think all of these beards look good except Clooney's. His just needs to be shorter.

Christina said...

I LOVE beards. Short ones. Not Clooney's. I think Jean Dujardin looked pretty amazing!

SH said...

I love a little bit of facial hair!

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

Natalie said...

I love a little face scruff on a man. It's just so HOT.
And Ben Affleck has had my heart since Good Will Hunting. Well, actually since Chasing Amy. His acceptance speech where he thanked his wife and talked about 10 Christmases? So adorbs.